Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two Babies

I've been visiting family and spending loads of time with my sis and her new baby. The two of them are only 5 days apart! It's been so much fun hanging out together, feeding babies, watching them sleep and all that! We took some pics of them the other day on the old yellow chair! My little Q wasn't so into it...he was more into sucking on his fists!

Look, they linked up little arms...awwwww

He was very photogenic for me... (5 weeks)

This is the only decent one I got of Q and he is sorta smiling even...(6 weeks)

So, because I didn't get what I wanted exactly, I took the chair out on the driveway and had a re-shoot...he did better.
And he opened his eyes even!

See that little dimple??

What a sweetie he is! He is smiling and cooing lots and lots. And he is growing lots and lots...he is getting rolls all over the place...love it!


  1. Those pics are so cute, I love them. For a minute I almost could tell which baby was which. Kori and I were talking the other day and thought we would ask you what you charge to do pictures, if you are interested that is I know you are kind of taking a vacation and just relaxing buy just let me know if you are interested. Thanks Erika!

  2. oh man, is he ever cute! Love it! I'm so excited to be doing the baby boy thing again soon! I just adore little chunky boy babies! S is so so cute!

  3. Love that YELLOW chair and the sweetest baby cousins ever. SO SWEET. Take care, Tammi

  4. I loved seeing you too. I'm sorry for all that your are going through, I hate feeling out of character. Anyway, I want to take Noah to jumin' jacks on Sat. You can come too or not its up to you. Ash was sad the whole way home from visiting you, she said I miss my brother (Kalem I think), she said he's such a cute baby. I hope she is really as cute with our baby as she is with those two cuties. It will be lots of fun to have her help.

  5. Wow he is grwoing so much so fast! Love the pic's!!

  6. love the chair... love the linked arms... love it when you make their eyes shine! --bettijo

  7. what adorable cousins! won't they have a blast together! i love the last picture of Q!!! He is so sweet! Hope you are feeling well.

  8. He is getting so big. I swear I see a ton of your hubby in him.... what do you think? Super Super cute, he needs to come and teach my baby his smiling tricks, they are far and few between here.

  9. Cute, Cute! How are things? I hope to see you again before you go home!


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