Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Almost Time

Just a few more tidbits before the big day...

I love Nativities, so I thought I'd share a few. I have 13, but I am not showing all of them, don't worry. The first one we use a basket as a bed for baby Jesus and fill it with straw for each act of secret service and try to get the bed as soft as possible for the baby (who is hidden until he is "born" on Christmas Eve.) The kids enjoy it, especially for the first week or so, then they need a little nudging and there is usually a mad dash of service on Christmas Eve! :)

The hubby got this Hummel set for me one of the first Christmases we were married! I love it and pack it away with care each year.

This is another one I got quite awhile ago and love the little kid figures and all the kids love to rearrange them constantly.

I got this one recently and love the bright colors and the animals are so the camel, only you can't see him as he is hiding behind the Wise Men! I can never find the angel to this one, because my daughter is always putting her up high above the group...which is fitting, I suppose!

Here is my Christmas Card door in a familiar shape, can you guess it?? It was so great to see and hear from all of you this year!

And some soft oreos that I tried with mint frosting (success) that we made for Santa's plate! Yum, good thing there were leftovers for us!

And the presents are pretty much all wrapped and under the monster!

It will be a feat in itself trying to dig out the presents from under those massive branches tomorrow morning!

Hope you all have a magical night filled with remembering the reason, family and/or friends, love, good food, maybe some hot cocoa or egg nog....and a little mood music.


  1. Awesome idea with the straw and Nativity! Your tree looks great, and I love the wooden shoes. Merry Christmas :)

  2. You need to share your recipe for the soft oreos. Have a Merry Christmas. Love the nativities (I have been collecting over the years - I think I have about 15 now)!

  3. Merry Christmas! What a special time of the year. I hope you are doing better and I am so glad that Q is ok. Wow....Cherish each moment along the way! I love all your pictures and love the Wooden shoes. I still remeber how cute and fun they were back in that litte apt at CTC.....Time flys... so glad for your friendship...may you all have a wonderful year filled with blessings and much HAPPINESS!


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