Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Come and Gone....

So, we made a roaring fire for Christmas Eve and enjoyed the sight and sounds of a crackling fire........awwww.....

...however, no warmth as we do not have a fireplace and we watch our fire via DVD on our TV! Ha! Did I get ya?

And some Christmas Eve shots of three of us since the two younger ones already had a tree session and Dad's not too keen on those types of shots!

We had some friends over for a lovely dinner and some relaxation and visiting before the big night....although we were so relaxed, I didn't get any pics of the actual event!

Here is the tree Christmas morning after Santa visited....

And the tree after we visited the gifts...I always love the after shots when it's good and messy!

B reading her note from Santa that accompanied her gift.

C upon finding what Santa left for him...

N playing with his Bumblebee Transformer, although it's camouflaged against his Transformer jammies!

Doesn't this make you yawn???

Q with his Santa gift.

B with her Santa gift...a reindeer collar.... she asked for it specifically and it came with a note saying it's a special occasion collar for young reindeer. She is thrilled!

C with one of his Bakugan that he asked for. They are little balls that come with cards and when you roll them on the cards (which are magnetic), they pop open to reveal little case you didn't know, cuz I sure didn't!

N with his Transformers, he's been obsessed the last couple of months...needless to say, he is ecstatic.

And in their transformed state...and only I can transform them...they are quite tricky!!

This is my little buddy ...I wanted a small camera that I could take to the park, hiking, etc. easily, while being equipped with certain elements I desired...such as a macro setting, zoom, a fairly wide aperture capability and full manual controls. And so far this one seems to pretty much fit the bill. It won't compare to my camera and fancy lenses when it comes to many features like color, clarity, bokeh and sharpness, although.....

for macro, it rocks! Check out my new watch, I could not have got this close with my big camera without buying a macro lens....!! Sweet! And I have a super duper zoom, which is helpful for those park/swimming adventures.

Merry Christmas...hope yours was fun...we were all definitely happy and had fun lazing around, taking naps, watching movies and playing with games and toys.


  1. Q looks just like Maggie(Dani's baby) in the pic of him with the monkey. Just like here wow! Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas. Did your two big boys have Transformer PJ's? Hunter had those exact ones too!

  2. Such great pictures. Looks like everybody had a great day. I love the fire.

  3. Oh, you got me with that fire, but I should have known since you live in the ever heated purgatory and need no more heat and fire than what you've got already!

    Your hair looks very glamorous. :-D

    I love your Holland wood shoes placed around the tree - what is the tradition on that?

    And I love your tradition of making baby Jesus' bed soft with service. :)

  4. Good times! I like the Transformers stuff. It looks like N forgot about the "Dwagon-wade" from Walmart! I love all the morning faces :O)


  5. Looks like fun! What kind of camera did you get?? --bettijo

  6. Just found your blog!

    BEFORE I finised reading the rest of your post, I was saying to myself.... "Wow, what a gorgeous fire!" hehe!

    Good joke!


  7. I love all your pics! I need some lessons. Christmas looks fun - we had a great time, too, but missed you guys! Love to all!


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