Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh Boy!

I am not in my twenties anymore! Such a weird thought. The big day went by smoothly and joyfully. We took the kids to a movie, we ordered pizza and then I opened presents and had cake, er cream puffs and eclairs...note the cleverness of the hubs below.

Here are the guests...Miss B

Dennis uncharacteristically sitting quietly and calmly.

Mr. C warming up his blowing lips in an effort to aid me in the candle department.

...the lights

And the cake from above, gee isn't he clever??!

And then me and Q--me wearing the crown that Miss B insisted I wear! I am pictured blowing out candles that as you can see were already blown out due to some "help" from the older two...I was gonna say Q did it, should've huh?

I got a Josh Groban Christmas CD, a book, and some stylin' boots that hubby picked out all on his own! :) I also got some necklaces, a shirt, some cards and canned chicken, some slipper socks, lip balm, lotion and a new nativity to add to my collection...thanks to you all! Thirty hasn't felt too bad....yet!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! Sounds like a perfect day for you. Oh, and I had birthday cream puffs on my birthday, too, instead of cake. It must be the new, cool thing to do these days!

  2. I loved the cake! I can't believe I'm going to admit this, but one year I made a cake for G with a bunch of zingers laying side by side with candles. What in the heck was my problem that year? Hope you had a great birthday. Oh and by the way...30's are GREAT!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday girly! I kept telling myself not to forget as the day approached...and what did i do...i forgot! I'm so sorry, anyway I hope you had a wonderful birthday! love all the pics & especially the cake! :) He is good! Looks like you had a fun day! :)

  4. happy birthday! I'm actually excited for the big 3-0!!! But then again, I still have a year.

    Are you planning on visiting SGU over the new year? My mom is having a big party at the cabin for the old gang.

    Potters, Leanys... etc.

    Hope you can come!

  5. I love your Pictures!! You are so talented and so beautful! Glad you are my niece :) I love your whole family - your kids crack me up! Give them a love and kiss from me. Can't wait to see you again. I sure wish I lived closer. I do want to offer a week of help if you need it again - I think my hubby could handle it. Love you much!!

  6. Happy Birthday. The 30s are way better than the 20s! Enjoy!


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