Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Adventures of Family Pictures on the Beach

Imagine if you will...3 kids and one dad running up to their lodgings from the pool...soaking wet and sand-speckled. One mother was waiting...pacing with a chubby baby, watching as the sun was quickly setting. Then it was a whirlwind of towels, wet swim suits, new clothes, hair brushes, sprays of hairspray, bathroom breaks, looks at the clock and final touches (including the camera) as they rush out the door...the sun ever-sinking. They run by the pool and hot tub getting comments on their matching state and head to the water's edge. Of course they are a little too early and have to wait around for a few nerve-twisting minutes ever trying to persuade the offspring to keep clean in their white and khakis. (imagine)

Then come those few golden moments of the day for the mom with her camera and the husband jumped in to help with a "smile and I'll get you a candy bar"...."no look at the camera, not the sand", "I don't care if his hands are dirty, hold them..."...."just one more smile, I promise", "okay, hold the hold still, don't move!"..."please do it for Mom, she's really looked forward to this"...and so forth. Then a quick plea to a stranger for the family shot, which was followed by..."smile at the man in the green shirt".

All of this was done, with quite a few onlookers, passers-by, passers-by in front of the camera, and so forth...this was not a secluded, quiet beach. The whole event, even with the unthinking passers-by and lack of cooperation from some of the little ones, was still relatively fast and in short... a success... in fact it's one of the mother's favorite memories of the trip because she can't believe they pulled it off! Everyone was dressed, they were there on time (early even), all of the shots in mind were captured, and no one got too upset or unruly!

A few of us had to get a picture with the sweet Q.

The Gentlemen...

The ladies...

Two family photos in one year, it's uncanny!

In other news, C grew a lovely mustache for the event and N now needs glasses.
We thought the red balloon would add the perfect touch to the atmosphere, especially with all the fish jumping!
(the kids love it when I do this, especially N, who tells me what to draw on people, so I thought I'd post one!)

The End...a beautiful sunset and holding each other's sandy hands under duress.


  1. Love the gentleman shot and Dennis' smirk. They all look great and I can imagine the whole experience quite well :).

  2. Amazing - as always. And now your blog looks all warm and sandy so I want to go on a vacation! Mine just has pix of snow. No comparison - yours wins. :)

  3. Did your hubby take lessons? do you get him to HELP? Rick says things like: "Look like you're having're not allowed to have fun, but LOOK like it." or " mommy wants it to look like we like each other"

    Those turned out amazing! ALL of them! Love the family one! The man in the green shirt didn't do too badly!

  4. Amazing! (The jumping fish pic might be my fave though.) We're ready for more pics whenever you're up for it. :)

  5. I second all the above comments! HA! I love the picture of L and Q PERFECT! And I noticed that N wasn't pictured standing in the water like B...still a little nervous eh?! Love, love, love em'. I think you did suprem-o!

  6. Holy Cow, Awesome pics, I'm speechless...I really love the sunset one. When you coming again, Ash is still talking about N and Q..

  7. So, I am of jealous yet again of all of you great pictures. I need some lessons from you. I guess it wouldnt hurt to be on a beach to get the great lighting.

  8. So, I am of jealous yet again of all of you great pictures. I need some lessons from you. I guess it wouldnt hurt to be on a beach to get the great lighting.

  9. Wow Erika. Those are great pictures! I love the sunset shot! Looks like you had an amazing (warm) vacation!

  10. I love the photos! They look awesome! I want to squeeze Q's cheeks and squish him in a hug. I also miss B, C, and N. I am now going to post something else on my blog. It is all your fault! :) Love you!!

  11. LOVE the family pic.... awww... I just love the beach!

  12. love the pics! how fun! didn't even know you guys went down there!


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