Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Be Still My Heart

I had to share...

My Trip to the Rainforest
written and illustrated by Mr. C

To the rainforest we go. We are going on the boulcaney Mom and I. We would go to South Amrica. I told my mom luts go now. We want to find the cure of hart burn. In conclusion it was fun.

A little background...I have some pretty killer acid reflux and once while pregnant, the kids brought me orange juice on a particularly "ickish" day to cheer me up. Of course, that wouldn't help...and I blogged about this already, so you may remember, but I then proceeded to tell them why the juice might make things worse. Anywho...Mr. C bawled his eyes out that night, it somehow struck a chord with the sensitive thing and he cannot seem to get over it. He even told his Kindergarten class all about it last year, and to this day if any of them see me at school, they ask how my sunburn is. Ha! It really isn't that big of deal for me if I take my medication and try to eat a certain way, and I promise I don't talk about it much at all, he just clings to that one story....ergo his writing assignment. I got a little misty-eyed reading it, although the "boulcaney" eluded me. I asked him about it and he said "it's the balcony, you know where all the tops of the trees are...I figured that would be the best place to find a cure." I wonder what else goes on in his mind.

I'm not quite sure what the little black dots falling from the trees in the illustration are, I can only guess they are "the cure"!


  1. That is hilarious and adorable all at the same time. Tammi

  2. hahaha...that is so adorable! What a sweetheart! When he finds the cure let me know! Kody would love him forever! :)


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