Monday, January 26, 2009

Employee Wages

This is the time of year when pesky weeds start spreading themselves throughout my yard! Dagnabit. They overwhelm me to no end. Thus, I commissioned the offspring to pluck them out for a fair price. There's only one problem, what's a fair price?
I assume there are hundreds and hundreds of weeds in varying sizes. I was thinking of paying per weed...but at 400ish weeds a piece (give or take) and $.05/weed...that's $20.00 a kid! (Way too much!) And it didn't take them that long. Needless to say, we are still in negotiations.

(Yes, dad got to his hair before I could again...'tis not my favorite. But it is easier.)

Here is the bag about 3/4 full from one morning's work.

This is not even the tiniest portion of the weeds that are out there, making me wince every time I step out my door, drive up to the garage, or walk by the yard...I must stop thinking about them! After school they shall tackle the other half of the front yard...then I may be able to sleep at night (at least until I start thinking about the backyard).

And you may notice that Dennis didn't last long in this endeavor, he says he already has money...lots of it.


  1. Are you serious? I don't remember ALL those in your front yard! Did you do some enhancements in PS?!

    I was thinking of not paying them...after all the clean up you do, but then again a kid has to have something to look forward to :) A buck fifty each! I would work for that kinda cash any day. Just fly me down!!


  2. I would just pay for the job in it's entirety. Whomever works from start to finish gets paid.

  3. Yip. Tell them you'll pay them an amount when the yard is finished. Don't ask them if they want to. It's just a responsiblity. But, they can earn money because they need to learn how to work, earn, save, etc. You learn and I'm still learning. I've paid waaaaay too much for some jobs.

  4. When you decide on a price send them over, because I need some weed pickin' done too. Tammi A

  5. Save your money and just buy some weed killer: 2 birds 1 stone.

  6. Help! Kelc & Becca made their blog private, but I don't have either of their emails to have them invite me... Do you have either of them?

  7. Seriously that is what our day was spent doing yesturday!! I sure enjoy your blog and wish that you would teach a photography class!!! You take amazing pictures- even of weeds.

  8. cute! I don't remember that many weeds in your yard! Kevin spent a while picking ours & the boys & I sat out front & watched him! hahaha...i like having to take care of the little ones now! :) I'm sure the price of labor will go up tho by the time my little guys could pick em! :)


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