Friday, January 23, 2009

Pride and Joy

This is my PRIDE....

Baby Q is 4 months old today and about a week ago he learned how to roll over and sit up! He can't hold his "sit" for long...but his paperweight bottom helps. Also, he is extremely talented in drooling.

And this is my more changing diapers for me...woohoo!

Check out his foot holding down the baby's foot so he can get to work. Hilarious.

Off with the old...

and on with the new!

Look, he even took off Q's socks...he pays attention to detail!

Dennis (and I use the name with endearment tonight), did this all on his own. He got out the supplies once he figured the little guy needed out of his night diaper, and I just sat back and watched/laughed/took pictures. They had a good time talking and Q didn't seem to mind being folded in half a few times.

p.s. gotta love the bed head


  1. 1st potty trained, and now diaper trained?!?!? I'm impressed!! You'll have to train my children. :)

  2. Can't believe he's four months old now! How cute of Dennis to be a good helper like that. little g has never even thought of doing that. I'll have to try tomorrow.

  3. Lucky, now you can just sit back and enjoy being a mom. Wink. Love the mail delivery story. Fantastic that the mail delivery service would go throuh all that to get you your mail. Love the picks of Q. He is so adorable. Later Tammi

  4. That is hilarious!! Avery has tried a few times, but I never though to teach Liam. I'm glad they are so sweet with the babies. Um...4 month olds aren't supposed to situp, are they? We need to play soon, I feel like I haven't seen you since Christmas!!

  5. Wow - that's impressive. I wish I had some personal diaper changers around here. We got Ty pted right after the twins were born, so at least I don't have 3 in diapers anymore!!

  6. Loved the technique Dennis!

    You'll make a great Daddy-Diaper-Changer someday!!!!

  7. Love the post. Made me think of my pride sleeping in bed...I miss him now.

  8. Bead head and twinkle-dorks! I love love love them :) And miss miss miss them too :(

  9. How funny!
    You've trained him well. I'm impressed that he even wanted to help with diaper duty.

  10. that is AWESOME! I am totally impressed! I love how he has the legs up! Just like a little PRO!

  11. that is so cute & too funny! Maybe I could pay him to come help me! I change around 14 diapers a day...he could make some cash! :)

    Q is beautiful! What a sweet smile & gorgeous eyes!


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