Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rocky Point over New Year's!

We were able to spend a few days in Rocky Point, Mexico over the Christmas was entirely a blast, and just what our family needed. We arrived at our condo just as the sun was setting and we rushed out on the patio to see it. I of course wanted a's the conversation that followed...

"Hey buddy, smile for Mommy so I can get a picture!"

"Wow, yes, that's a GREAT face, I love can I get a normal smile?"

"Oh, thank you, I like that smile too!" Geez, that kid.....(by the way, he loves that first picture of himself and giggles uncontrollably whenever he sees it!)

The next morning we headed down to the beach to check out low tide, the sand, the shells, the whole business.

N did a lot of the waves scare him for some reason. He thinks the ocean is going to eat him.

We bought a few necklaces from beach vendors and then bought two of these cool parachutes. N's had Superman and C's had Spiderman...they were really easy to fly and the kids had a blast with them. After our "sucker" flags were flying high in the sky...we had quite a few more vendors hit us up trying to sell us everything from cigars, cowboy hats, big ceramic vases, more necklaces and hair braids. But, it was worth it...for the memories and pictures! Ha!

N was quite distraught when the wind died down and we had to put them away.

Flying against a beautiful bright sky...

Q got a little winded and cold and so he and I headed up to the condo for a bottle break.

We sat on the patio and took these pics of our view. Lovely. The pool was heated and was hotter at times than the jacuzzi. We rotated from the beach to the pool and back to the beach again. Quite fun.


Then Q decided to pee on his clothes and then fill his pants and then spit up everywhere, so we took a little photo break whilst he was naked!

When we got back we went searching for shells...the kids found this beauty and I loved it and plopped it in my purse for safe keeping. Isn't it lovely? We have never seen such beautiful shells on a beach before.

Here's Master N relaxing by the pool until he got up the nerve to swim.

The next day we got up and ready and headed out again to the tide pools. Here is me in my kangaroo state. Q spent 90% of his outside time in the "pocket" as the kids called it. It was perfect, except my shoulders don't agree. Q isn't the most petite baby around.

Then not long after, C found this stunning beauty and handed it over to me as I had said that is what I wanted them to find me! I still can't believe it!

Here he is showing off a perfect, tiny seashell that really was beautiful, just in miniature. Do you see his handsome necklace that he scored on the beach our first day?? Nice, eh?!

And the three boys (well the big ones), combing the tide pools for glimpses of fish and hermit crabs...or "herman" crabs as N called them.

He really, really wanted a herman crab. He wanted to take it home and show his friends and play with it. No amount of explaining would deter him. He was on a quest. Oh, and you see he is walking in water, but this is only a small pool from the retreating tide, or I could've said tide pool, but too late now...anywho...said pool is still and not full of hungry, ferocious waves and thus safe for wading in. See the logic?

And then he finally dared to hold one! Braver than me!!

This second day was much warmer and the two unafraid kidlets went frolicking in the waves until they were finally full-out swimming in December in the ocean! But, like I said, it was surprisingly warm that day..I don't know if I would have swam, but kids are tough.

Mr. Q looking at the sights, checking out the waves and trying to see in the blinding sunlight!

After a lazy, meandering morning on the beach...basking in the glorious day that it was, we headed off to find The Friendly Dolphin restaraunt for lunch as was recommended as good for kids. They thoroughly enjoyed it...especially their Fanta sodas in glass bottles...oh the little things that make us happy! We had a view of the ocean and watched pelicans and had a great time. It was the only time we ate out. Other than that, we feasted at our condo on Instant Oatmeal, Chef Boyardee, Mac and Cheese, Lunchables, Hawaiian punch and water...I know, I know, we are a little pretentious...but, hey it's vacation, right?!

And really I forget when this day was, it is all a happy blur of beach-combing and relaxing...
more shell searching and a glittering ocean.

See, I told you the beach was FULL of shells.

Okay, this has to be earlier on in the trip because we scored a lot cooler shells than these by the end. But, here is our shell bucket.

And some feet...because I wanted to....Miss B was forever on the run, hence the running feet.

Then I found a very cool item....and here they are discussing the possibilities that I mentioned could follow such an item....that's right, I found a rusty lock from an old treasure chest, me hardies! C didn't really take the bait...but the lock is suweet if I do say so myself, and I do!

Now back to the herman crabs. We got back from our busy day and decided to pack up a little before we left the next day. I had the kids clean off the shells a bit so we could pack them and B found that one of them was not empty! Aack! So, we put it in a bowl and watched the herman crab come out and move around. The actual shell was about as big as N's ear, so you can imagine how big the herman crab was...(shudder). We then wondered how many others we had brought home accidentally...those things are dang good hiders, we had checked every shell pretty thoroughly. Anyway, we found one or two more and then I suddenly remembered the lovely shell I jauntily threw in my purse pocket. I ran to scoop it out of that pocket that I use constantly, which houses my cell phone, gum and lip gloss, and to my absolute held the grey remains guessed it...a herman crab... (double shudder). Needless to say, we had another trip to the beach to return some friends to the sea, where N shared a heartfelt goodbye with his herman crab buddies!

And thus ends our long adventure in Rocky Point...

Oh, and as to the New Year...we waited for the determined time by watching a movie...but somehow missed the entire event by 12 minutes when we were made aware of our oversight by the sound of dozens of kazoos kazooing. Oh well! Happy New Year!


  1. I want to visit Rocky point right now! It's coldy here.


  2. Mi, you think it's cold there? Come up north, it's much worse!!! I want to go to Rocky point though... :( However, the herman crabs gross me out a little too...

  3. Where is this Rocky Point that you speak of? It looks like a definite MUST for our next vacation. What fun! :-D

    p.s. Lou, your hair looks so glamorous!!

  4. That looks awesome, I've never been but I think I might try and push it...

  5. So jealous of your fabulous vacation... Your hermit crab issues are pretty funny, too. Happy New Year!

  6. I love Rocky Point - it looks fabulous. I want to go there, too. I love all the fun stories and I am so glad you had a great time!

  7. Erika it looks like you had a blast! We are heading down to rocky point in Feb. with my sister's fam. I wasnt' sure what to expect but your pics make me very excited!!
    just a side note! I love looking at the pics on your blog!! I wish I could do what you do with a camera, you are amazing!! Tell Laney hi!


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