Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Boys Are Made Of

My sister is visiting with her sweet baby again and the other night we went on a walk with all the boys while Miss B went on a date with her daddy! We caught some cute pics of the babies while they were in the strollers because I love babies in beanies...who doesn't?

Q in Blue

and Baby K sporting stripes

Apparently C needs practice on his bike because we haven't been out in a while and therefore...he is a tad wobbly.

Mr. Dennis kept up quite nicely on his trike, although our ankles were nervous of a collision with him at any second. to what my boys are made of (well at least the older two)...who knows, they are so different and the same. On this particular walk we came upon a big grassy hill. C was quite apprehensive of the steepness and decided to walk his bike down. While doing so, he stumbled and tripped...but actually fell over quite gracefully. As we were watching all that...a high-pitched squeal accompanying a blur of a trike, flew passed the tangle of the bike and boy. Dennis continued squealing/giggling/laughing all the way down. When reaching the end he yelled, "That was so fun!" That incident sums up the two of them. C is cautious, smart and worries. Dennis is crazy, funny and is also smart. A few nights later we watched Speed Racer. During some of the particularly crazy races, Mr. C remarked, "I would prefer more safer races." (Hubby thinks he might grow up to work for OSHA!) All Dennis did the entire time was chant, "Go Speed Racer," whilst jumping up and down. And yet, they get along really well. They play made-up games for hours, jump on the trampoline, look at Pokemon cards, etc. And C is such a nice big brother for the most part. The other night Dennis was scared a dinosaur was going to get him and I tried telling him that dinos are too big for houses, but he wasn't convinced. Finally C (who had pink eye at the time), reassured him by saying he'd just give the dinosaur pink eye. That did the trick and the little man stayed in bed. Who knew?

And Dennis, for all of his adventures, is getting much better at listening to me. The other day to show Dad what he'd learned, I asked him where little boys go when they tell their mommies no....(and no, I did not teach him what you are thinking...although it makes me chuckle every time I think about it)...Dennis replied promptly, "the corner!" Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself by bragging! We'll see!


  1. your boys are super cute! thanks for letting us watch Dennis so much!!! (hope he didn't get sick. we have the pukes around here lately...passing from person to person...sigh.) I loved the one with the moving tote. lol...that was funny!!

  2. Oh, Lou. Those are so cute. I'm all about "Beanie Babies" too! Beanies make babies look so fly. :-D You have cute kiddies. And again - you are not only the most talented photographer, but writer as well! Have you considered publishing books?? Seriously. I am working on a couple of children's books right now, but I've got NUTHIN' on your mad writing skills!

  3. I think it's so cute how you pretend like it gets cold where you live.

  4. Love Q's sparkling eyes and love your boys too.

  5. Those pictures are always! And I love the stories about your boys. How great that giving the Dinosaur pink eye would work so well! =) That's too cute! I love reading all of your posts.

  6. adorable! your kids are like little models! :)


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