Monday, February 2, 2009

Artwork, bangs and cupcakes

I had to post again today because the Super Bowl was yesterday, and I can't let too much time pass, or my post would seem silly...anywho, we had a nice time watching the game, it was close which is good, although the Cardinals did not win, which is sad (for us... and them I'm sure). Miss B drew a delightful poster...her skills continue to astound me!

And I cut her some bangs one day because we needed a change...they've been a nice diversion. Also, please note her red and black ensemble, red bracelet and red ribbon. Too bad this was taken before she added eyeliner stripes under her and her brother's eyes! The enthusiasm and love of a theme drives her...not so much the game, but what can I say, she takes after me!

Here's an up close...check the skills!

And then a snap of the yummy cupcakes that the hubs picked up...( I might've eaten 2 or 6...who's counting?) He grilled up some beautiful steaks as well...but I did not eat 6 of them.

Oh, and speaking of football (think linebacker) ...Q weighs just under 17lbs... and is 26.25 inches long, so he is in the 80th% for weight, 90th for height and 90th for head.


  1. Maybe you should hire Brynna out for event planning.

  2. Or window painting! I bet she'd be good at that! I've always wanted to do that, but lack spontaneous drawing skills.

    PS: Love the bangs :)


  3. Great poster!! Too bad they didn't win...

  4. Q sounds like Tyler - he is always about the 75th for weight and the 95th for height! Maybe we can make some money off of our kids someday!!

  5. We were sad for the Cardinals, too. They deserved it more. Anyway, your little guy is about the same size as my little girl. She's barely in the 50th percentile for everything.


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