Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby A Revisited

Remember her newborn shoot...the vintage bowl in the desert?? Well, she's already 6 months old...geez louise...time flies.

I had the most fun with her and her mom and their wide array of hats, outfits, blankets and bows.

I absolutely ADORE this first one...

This is the quilt her mommy made for her.


And a few back in the bowl...we even added the matching pitcher for fun...

Check the daisy in her matches the bowl (could you just die.)

And then a little old-fashioned shot in a mommy-made skirt. She is not quite pro at sitting unaided so we were super excited to get some sitting shots.


  1. What a cute baby!! LOVE the first one ;o) And the one in the chair!! She's gonna be a stylin' little girl!!

  2. Those are so so so so Great!!!! I vove the first ones too! They melt your heart and so vibrant with that bright pink.

  3. Oh, my word! What fun! Anne Geddes has got nothin' on you, Lou!! I really like the vintage look of the photos and what a beautiful baby! Beauty meets talent... What an exquisite combination!!

  4. I was sad she didn't smile more Wednesday, but the tongue pictures are just adorable. I LOVE'EM ALL!!!

  5. She's beautiful even without smiles. I can't believe she's already that old...ours are right behind! I do love the hats.

  6. Oh my gosh! I love them all! They are so precious! You did such a beautiful job & she is such a cutie!!!

    I am getting even more excited for my little guys!!! Yeah!

  7. So all the different shots and poses...melts anyones heart for sure.


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