Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Peek at Our Lovely weekend

As promised, here are the completed cards...

N drew and colored the two hearts on the computer and I put them on his card.

The big kids drew their message on the sidewalk...

For Miss B's, we personalized each and every one...kind of a daunting task, but it ended up being not that bad.

Here's our special dinner table all complete. We had a fantastic feast of pizza and fish sticks and red Kool-aid ....yummo!

This is the hubs place setting and card...his present is nearby, I got him adult footed pj's this year because he mentioned he was super cold camping one night and footed pj's might help! Ha! They are hilarious! The kids LOVED it! He modeled them for us, but made me promise I couldn't post any pictures on the blog...shucks!

This is the outrageous card I got from my sister..it's for the whole family, but I quickly claimed it for myself...I adore the vintage buttons and swirly writing! And the inside is just as pretty! Thanks Mi, it made my day! Also, I received a very lovely new camera case from my dear hubby and you already saw the early flowers...he's the bestest!

Here is the kids' present...also a big hit...I know, I was on a roll this year...successful gift-giving left and right! It was so fun to put together, they loved seeing themselves in puzzle form. Some of the ocean parts were tricky as you can see by what's left over...but we did finish and it is spectacular!!

Mr. C with this HUGE Bakugan I found, it's awesome I know, you need to play with one of these if you get a chance, they're kind of crazy- fun even for an adult...or maybe I just like kid toys...who knows.

And Miss B with her winning Valentine box creation. She received a bag of festive goodies as prize. She made the whole thing herself...I just helped hook the draw bridge ribbon on. But it was all her idea from the flag, to the draw bridge, moat, soldiers and flower-painted grass! She looks thrilled, huh...like she cannot contain her joy one second longer. Also, the Valentines could be placed in the draw bridge, the tower, or the whole castle hinged in the middle, so more could be placed there. She said the class enjoyed deciding where to drop off their cards.

Q chillin' on V-day happy to watch everyone and get lots of kisses!

And I loved this shirt...and his pose is too perfect!!

And that is it...until next year......


  1. Super cute E. I have to admit I really do want to see your hubby in those footed pj's, I bet it is sooo funny. The puzzle is too cute and I love the card your sister sent you. What did Brynna do with her giant Valentines box, that's a keeper for sure.

  2. I second Jolene's motion...we need to see the pj pics! N's shirt seriously cracks me up, it's totally him!

  3. No pics of Landon's PJ's??? Now I'm really sad! I'm glad I got to see you, Lou, even if in your polk-a-dot p.j.s. Too cute. :)

    What is Mr. C's contraption, exactly?

    I love Ms. B's Box. Valentine's day was so big and exciting for me in elementary school. Ahh, those were the days!

    I love the Valentine from Mi - she could go into business doing that and get rich quick. A lot of the cards out in the stores suck anymore...

    Your little Noah is quite the charmer...

  4. p.s. - I've the pictures that you gave to me of [my] kids on my fridge! They look great up there!! ;-)

  5. I think we should take a vote to see the hubs pjs!

    Love Miss B's castle. The kids and I were just talking about that last night. I made one for Corbin in first grade. He was bragging to all the kids about the BEST valentine box. How fun to see another castle.

  6. Such great Valentine's ideas! How fun. You always have great ideas. I'm with Tonia my vote is to see the PJ's! Tell Dennis I'll call later! And how can you resist Q? So kissable. We had so much fun seeing you guys.

  7. Wow! Amazing! Let's see what we did for Valentines Day? Oh ya NOTHING! What did we receive or give for that matter?....mmmmm Oh ya NOTHING! :) I'm glad your Valentines was spectacular! It was good seeing you too.

  8. What a awesome day!! Where did you get the PJ's that is a classic gift!

  9. So cute - where did you order the puzzle from?
    Happy Vday!

  10. You're always so on top of things for all the holidays! All my kids got for Valentine's Day was pink, heart-shaped French Toast and strawberries for breakfast. I love the Valentine's box, too. My kids' school doesn't do that fabulous tradition I loved from my child hood. It's good to see that at least one school still does it! Happy Valentines Day!

  11. The cards are too cute! What a fun idea! You are so creative! Adorable place setting & table! Serious...when do you ahve time for all this! You do so much! I just took down my christmas tree today!!!!!

    cute card from sis! And I LOVE the pizzle idea! I am so doing that!!! C's toy looks sweet but I have no idea what it is! & B's excitement is killing me! What a crack up! She is talented like her mom! That box is amazing...well I should say Castle is amazing!

    Precious Q & I love N's shirt! Priceless!!! The pose is perfect too!


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