Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Q's Buddies

A couple of Q's buds (their moms are my buds too) came over the other day to get their picture taken. Unfortunately he missed most of it due to a nap. Darn. (It was handy for me though.)

Here is the sweet 3 month old baby girl (I don't get many baby girls)...

She was a wiggler, so I am glad we caught a smile and the toes.

Sweet little chubby cheeks...

And one in her blessing dress.

Then the 4 month old baby boy... he is one day younger than Q, his Mom and I were in the hospital together and we are great friends so it was quite fun! I walked down to her room after she had her baby and we chatted away in our matching gowns and slippers, sipping water out of our matching hospital cups with lids and straws. Good times.

Except Q was huge at 8 lbs and little R was only about 6 lbs...but he's definitely made up for it...check the rolls, love it!

For an update on us, I swear this has been the sickest 4 months of our lives thus far. We've had everything from the pukes, to colds, coughs, colds again, pink eye, more coughs another round of colds and now high fevers. Sheesh and Goodness! Poor Dennis got the brunt of it and was at 103 yesterday. He was even delirious. He was trying to get outside through my bedroom door and kept banging on it, yelling..."Let me out, I need to get out. I need Daddy's brain." Of all the off-the-wall things. Then he must've had a Goldilocks dream because he kept jabbering about someone sleeping in his bed. Then he'd list off all of his friends that were sleeping in his bed. He wouldn't believe me when I said they were at home. Poor guy. (Here's a picture to illustrate his sadness, although this was taken on another occasion and not while he was sick...he was mad he couldn't jump on my chair.)

On a positive note, he's up and chipper this morning telling me he's not super cool and he wants to be super cool, but he can't be super cool with, as he puts it, "a lot of my hair not up" and he wants to be "super duper duper DUPER cool." That should be easy, I just need to spike the hair to make him happy...again, easy.

Oh, and the answers to Name that Baby are 1:Dennis 2:Miss B 3:Q 4:Mr. C 5:Q 6:Mr. C 7:Dennis and 8:Miss B. So, congrats to those of you who were right! I think they all look pretty similar except for Dennis. He's his own person!


  1. Wow...those are some cute babies!! She was hard to work with, but they look awesome!

  2. Little baby E is soooo cute and I have to say Little baby R is adorable too though....thanks! I hope your endeavor of making Dennis super duper cool works out for you, take a picture and post it after the making is accomplished.

  3. Sorry about all the sickies. December to March are ROUGH!! My heart goes out to you. Heaven knows I've had my fair share of sick winters!

  4. HOW DO YOU TAKE SUCH GREAT PICTURES!?!?!?! I have this amazing camera, am completely bored stiff in my photography class, and yet- MY pictures don't even compare to anything you do! You are incredible! That one with the winking baby needs to be entered in some contest. Photography is so not my thing. I want to throw the camera down and just paint the dang person. Any chance you could start posting the fstop and shutter speed on everything? Why can I ace everything on paper and not be able to take a picture to save my life in reality?

    Anyway- long way of me saying: "Once again, you're super terrific at this photo thing!!!"

  5. OH, Poor Noah (when I said that in my mind, I thought of "Poor Nana" on Peter Pan!).

    I wish I was there to help with the inconvenience of kids and sicknesses, but then I might get sick myself and so I'll have to think about lending a helping hand...

  6. Love the baby pics. All so sweet. I love R's little baby man boobs as he sits in the bumbo. Later, Tammi

  7. Sweet! I got about 1/2 of the "Which baby is this?" contest answers right! :)

    Actually, isn't 50% a failing grade? :-/ For a minute there I felt heroic. Ah, well. Ofttimes, greatness is short lived. ;-P

  8. Love the sweet baby pics! Couldn't be cuter!!

  9. I feel for you with the sickness. I am sitting in a hospital room right now with Grayce. She has RSV, pneumonia, and a sinus infection. We had to admit her yesterday and are looking at more days ahead.
    Fun stuff!!

  10. SO SWEET! I love when you do babies! I'm sorry you guys are so sick!!! NO FUN!!!

  11. I remember several years of four or five months straight of sick kids - pink eye is a killer (to sleep and rest time at least)! It just kept going around and around our family. I lysoled (sp?) everything and washed everything and still......I feel so bad for you! My doctor's office staff could recognize my voice on the phone after I said Hello. That ought to tell you something. :) lol You are the BEST photographer! and you tricked me about you being Brynna in those baby pictures! :) hee hee

  12. Finally mom I thought I would never know if I was right.Guess what I was!
    But how could I be wrong I've seen them all, they're my brothers.

    Your daughter,
    Miss B

  13. so adorable! I love all these pics! You're amazing girl! what cutie pies!


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