Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Sweet Family

I tried out something a little different with these guys...we went to an alley between some shopping centers. It has some great texture and lighting. It was super windy that day and although we were a little protected, the alley sometimes acted like a funnel for the wind, so it got a little blustery at times.

Some smoochin' action...

with Dad

with Mom

That little tongue cracks me up!!

And these two are just full of 4 month cuteness!! Love them.


  1. Fun stuff, the one with baby mom is very sweet. Glad no one got blown away.

  2. Well, the break was bound to happen, but poor Dennis! What a trooper, though.

    Finally! A bib that will actually DO something! Most of them are no more than a partial and pathetic kerchief that serves for decoration purposes only. I mean, who cares if your collar is clean if the rest of your shirt is soiled and smelly?? Yay for the bib innovation!

  3. What a cute little family! Love the kissing of the cheeks & love the little cheeks in the end! :) The hat & the tongue are too cute!!!


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