Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dates to Remember

I had to buy this hat at Naartje because it was absolutely adorable and it's hard to find funky ones for baby boys...it was meant for a picture! Don't you want to squeeze those cheeks...the face ones...?

He is rolling all over from back to tummy and all across the floor (he started that at 5 months...he's now 5 1/2). He tried to do it in the tub last night and got a face full of water....I've got to watch him close!

Here we are in our fancy duds heading off to dinner for the celebration of 11 years. I took him to dinner and paid...I don't think I have done that since we were dating!

And I need to decide if I should chop my hair or keep it long...what do you think?? I've been growing it out for awhile now, but there are some super cute short cuts...aack, the decisions!


  1. He looks like B in the 3rd pix.
    Erika - it doesn't matter what you do with your hair - you are always going to be gorgeous!!

  2. Yeah, I agree...it doen't matter what you do with your hair, you always look great!

  3. Leave your hair long. You can't always pull off long hair. Enjoy it for now.

  4. What a cute couple! I like your hair both ways. I just cup all mine off kinda sassy!

  5. My vote is to keep it long. It's very glamorous when it's long.

  6. Love love the hat! And I love that store! And I love that picture of you two! I'm just full of love! :) You've got a whole week to decide what to do with that hair, find a pic if you want it short. I agree with Abby, I like it both ways, good luck!

  7. That hat and baby are too much,too adorable. Did Brynna take your picture, u two look GORGEOUS. Short or long, that's a tough one. YOu'll be perfect either way. Tammi

  8. I am dying! That hat looks soooo stinkin cute! Q looks adorable!!! I love it!!! And you two are a hot couple! ;) gorgeous pic!

    And I think you look beautiful with both...but I am really LOVING your hair in this pic....


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