Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dennis the Menace Strikes Again

If you haven't noticed, Dennis has been a little quiet around here of late. I was wondering if the Dennis phase was over and mourned its loss the teensiest, tiniest bit.

Then it happened, slowly at first, but then ever-more-increasingly. He has been having accidents. Maybe he has regressed since the baby came. I have heard rumors of such events, but it's been six months for goodness' sake!

I've also heard it said that posting about your child's potty-training success sometimes leads to a jinx and unraveling of said success. So maybe by posting about regression, I will jinx him into un-regressing. Phew, talk about circular reasoning! I only hope it works...along with the bribe chart for him to win a harmonica that he has recently developed a love for. Pronounced Crymonica, Monica or Mamonica depending on the day or moment, but loved nonetheless. And I will not be posting about any future successes in case that negates my jinx on regression or re-jinxes me or something else that I don't want. (Since I believe in jinxing and all...........tee hee)

Anyway, after the most recent episode...I sent him to the tub. I was feeding Q and was just thinking I should turn off the water, when Dennis so graciously did it for me. Hmmm, thanks! Then he started yelling about something. I couldn't understand and walked in only to find the hall, bathroom and major parts of the kitchen completely flooded. It was even seeping in to the carpet of the bedrooms. He was BAAAACK! We of course got that cleaned up and he has proceeded to delight me with random bits of menace throughout the last few days.

He has unraveled a whole roll of toilet paper... I truly thought he was over that one. I did make him roll it all up though.

He has also taken to blaming things on everyone else, has informed me he has two girlfriends (apparently they don't mind his wild antics), loves to eat and sing songs about edamame, and is quite adept at driving his Tonka Dump Truck like a wheelchair. Some of these aren't so troubling, just quirky but still definitely worthy of sharing.


  1. That kid cracks me up. I am glad he isn't completely gone. Love the pics below. They turned out beautiful. tammi

  2. Strange.. Ash has had day time accidents 4 days in a row and one night time accident. Maybe its their age..After all they are just a couple weeks apart. Or a UTI? I am gonna check Ash for one tomorrow cause she doesn't have a baby to regress over. Hmm??

  3. Love the truck!! ha ha. he cracks me up!!

  4. Dennis is hilarious! & such a cutie!!! haha...2 girlfriends! Toilet paper...oh have your hands full! Seriously how do you do it all!!! I love him he cracks me up!!!


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