Monday, March 16, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Rain in the desert...Oh the smell of wet sagebrush and dirt gets me every time...I love it. It smells so clean and fresh and look how beautiful it is. Awww, can't you just smell and feel it... the sweet smells of sagebrush wafting on a slightly chilly breeze and your hair swirling all about?
(I am pictured because I was so entranced with the beautiful sight, and no one else wanted their photo taken...hmmmmm, wonder why...and the hubs did the honors for me...thanks hubs.)

Lemonade Stands are definitley a fave. There's just somthing about them that makes you giggle, brings you back a few years and slows down time a little.
Dennis and I were running an errand and ran across three entrepreneurs with a homemade sign advertising their selection of lemonade (of course), fruit punch, chocolate-frosted cupcakes and water. They had several "meal deals" available, but we opted for the traditional glass of lemonade. It was lovely...swimming with pulp and everything. We gave the kiddos our 8 quarters for two cups and exchanged thank-yous and your welcomes. As we were driving away, I heard one of the girls yell to her dad across the street, "We made more MONAAAY!" Awwww, sweet victory for them and good times for us. Dennis and I had smiles on our faces as we sipped our treat all the way home.

And Imagination....what would the world be like without it?
Dennis was a "Cooker" the other night and came dressed (to my utter delight) like this. I kept giggling behind my hand so I wouldn't ruin his very serious job of delivering food. I of course fell in love with his outfit immediately...from his camo FBI shirt paired with a pink gingham and lace apron embroidered with the words, "I am a Princess" (obviously not his) the chef hat and camo crocs placed inevitably on the wrong feet. I so love of the simple pleasures in life.


  1. You forgot to mention Pei Wei vietemanese salad rolls too. Love the rainy desert shot and ofcourse Dennis all dressed up. Maybe on our slow days we can open up a lemonade stand, just think of the monay we could bring in.

  2. I already miss you like the desert misses the rain.

    Ps I love N's outfit :) It made Mom and I laugh!

  3. I too love a lemonaide stand, there just isn't enough of those anymore. Great pics, did B take your pic? Gorgeous. Tammi

  4. My kids did one with their cousins this week too! It tasted great and it is so refreshing! What a cute cooker you got there.

  5. That rain in the desert gets me every time, too. Ahhh! :)

    Dennis can pull of some colorfully coordinated combinations. Before the day is over, he is going to be COVERED in ladies!


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