Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Fourth Boy

Meet my #4 boy....William! Prince William to be precise. Handsome, huh?

A little shy too...

Okay, it's really Miss B. But these pictures are such a crackup aren't they?

She had an oral report yesterday on a biography. She chose Prince William and had to dress as her character to present her report. She borrowed some of Mr. C's duds for the big event...and the wig is back from Halloween, can't believe I got another use out of it! Ha!

Anyway, her presentation went off great...she said there were some really great costumes the kids came up with...Elvis, Sacajawea, Pres. Obama, Abraham Lincoln, and Michelle Kwan to name a few.

Her and I were having a great time trying to get her to pose like a boy...she's also been practicing her deep, manly voice. Hysterical!

And I know I've been posting every day, but I just have so much to say lately!!


  1. Oh, my heck that is too funny! I wonder why "he" looked so familiar! B makes a wonderful William. :) What a clever idea - especially for school. Kids really LEARN that way!!

  2. That is too cute! I love it! Miss B is such a crack up! I thought the same thing...why does he look so familiar? Love her "boy poses"!!! She makes a good Prince William! :) But I have to say that she is way too pretty to be a boy! :) Love that you got another use out of a wige...seems like they always only get used once!!!

  3. What a crack up. I thought it was C with a wig on. Tell Miss B she totally pulled it off. To the point that she fooled aunt Tonia

  4. I love it. she looks great. tammi

  5. Ok, never noticed how much your kids look alike!! I totally thought it was C. Same eyes, smile, etc. Crazy! You got me!

  6. I want to come live with you and be one of your kids. I promise to eat all my food, I won't talk back and I will clean up after myself. It just looks like so much fun there.

    S. Loveland

  7. Haaaaaaa!! I almost fell off my chair laughing!! Tears!! That is so funny!! Prince William was a good idea! How'd she come up with it? Maybe from someone telling her the story of Princess Diana on a long road trip...

  8. That is so funny!! Love when there is lots to talk about!! She looks great.

  9. That is an AWESOME disguise! That first picture totally threw me...I also wondered who it was...the boy looked very familiar...then I got it! =) What a great idea!


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