Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Model in the Desert

Miss B and I had a photo-date the other night to practice at a new spot, plus I wanted to try out her new skirt I got from Goodwill...sweetness! I love it!

We also found this lovely bunch of yellow diamonds in the rough they were.

See the pretty, flowered skirt....

She looks grown up in these, it's strange how you never notice how old they look until you take a still shot and really look at it. Otherwise, the growing up slips past you most quietly.

I love sun flare, although Miss B probably wouldn't agree as it was nearing the end of the session and she was tired and had weeds in her skirt...but I made her hold still for a good while until I could catch a good flare. Torturous I know.


  1. Wow, she does look grown up. Especially with those cute danglies. Love goodwill finds.

  2. Please take me to goodwill next time. these nare gorgeous. tammi

  3. Great skirt, and your girl is beautiful. Her eyes look so amazing! And Noah is cuter than can you ever be mad at him? They know how to play us..I have that problem with Liam.

  4. Those are way cool. I always look forward to seeing your different ideas for poses and scenery. And your kids' eyes are gorgeous!! Too bad you can't market those. You'd make a fine fortune indeed.

  5. Gorgeous! Love the Goodwill! Did you find a tie pattern? That will be so cute!

  6. she does look so grown up! She is so beautiful & gotta love her eyes! What a cute skirt & outfit! I NEVER dressed that cute! & please take me to goodwill next time...I haven't been in years but I never find good stuff! You have all the luck...Q's jumper, Miss B's're good!

    That place was awesome!


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