Monday, March 2, 2009


My friend of 20 years came to visit the other day. Man, 20 years....that makes me feel quite oldish. Anywho...we had such a great time growing up. We did everything together, from playing Barbies on my faux grass covered front porch, going to Camp, wearing double-layered socks, getting California Spiral perms, wearing huge bangs, walking around town to get snow cones or subs at our favorite restaurants, talking about boys and going on all kinds of trips.

Here's one of my perms to demonstrate.... couldn't find any of us together, so here's me and my gramps instead...he doesn't have a perm...just to clarify.

And one variation of large bangs...I'm a cutie, eh?! Don't be jealous. Who could resist those braces, caterpillar eyebrows and two-foot swoop of bangs?

So, Nicole came over the weekend and my kids adored her. She wasn't here five minutes and it was "Nicole, check out my skills on this (Wii) game." and "Nicole, look at all 17 of my Webkinz...let me tell you all their names. Trumpet, Dixie, Scaley, Sprite, Flame......."...and so on. I could hardly get a word in edgewise. We went to the park, and she even had all the park kids eating out of her hand.

She is an amazing middle school teacher and does an awesome job teaching those kids English "outside the box". Anyway, it was great to see her and catch up and she even watched our kids so we could go on a quick date. What a friend. Thanks Nic!

As I said, we went on multiple trips together. Here we are at Disney World...

This is us in line for the Tower of Terror (Disney World)

We also went to Disneyland many times as well as Canada. And all because we were cloggers...yup....cloggers...but the COOL kind! That's us below, front and center, I'm on the left. We performed in Disneyland, Disney World, the Calgary Stampede, on a glacier in Canada, and for local city events. (once while I was 5ish months pregnant with Mr. C even!)

At Disneyworld...I'm on the right, she's on the left! (in the white circles)


  1. Thats so cool! I just learned so much about you and I love your past hair-dos. I love good ol' friends who have stuck with you through thick and thin and know your past...they're the best.

  2. I loved it. You and big hair, who knew?

    I'm a self taught clogger you know. lol We should do a number for the next family party.

  3. Hilarious!! I never pictured you with long hair. Mine was huge too. You are brave to post pics...I haven't gone there yet. I have a few friends that I've known that long, it's amazing isn't it?

  4. THANK YOU AGAIN for picking me up and letting me see your life in warm and toasty AZ!!! You are really one of my heroes, ie: I want to be just like you when I grow up.

    Your kids are perfect and my only regret is that I am not a regular "tender" for them! Please can I watch them again? Tell B I am singing the peanut song still! Tell C I'm totally into pokeman now and am considering buying the plunger game for my wii. Tell N I completely get the whole small pizza slice thing- it really does taste better that way.

    When I look at all of these pics I think a few things: 1st: What on earth would I have done without you! 2nd: How could I have forgotten some of these memories 3rd: I have got to go digging for some more!

    Thanks for the great post, a picture that makes me look 10 times better than I do in real life, and a super terrific afternoon in Phoenix! Please can we do it again!!!

  5. what great post and pictures. i remember those perms being pretty picey. tammi

  6. I loved all the pictures! Hehe

  7. Hilarious!! I was looking at those clogging pix and now I'm humming... "ya gotta swing those hips now..come on and do the locomotion with me..." Haahaa!!
    Glad you had fun with Nicole! I miss hangin out with the M family!!

  8. I totally forgot about you cloggers! :) I always wanted to be one but I was too cool (or tried to be)
    Those were the days!

  9. Where I grew up in TX, the cool girls were all cloggers. Unfortunately, I never clogged = not cool.

  10. I had that same hair... oh the days of giant bangs that were so stiff with hairspray a tornato couldn't move them. Adorable pics from the past, thanks for sharing...


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