Monday, March 30, 2009

Do You Remember....

....TIE DYE?

My friend Bettijo of Bath by Bettijo, invited me over the other day to try out some sweet tie-dying techniques. I love going to her house because it always smells outrageous due to her products! This time it was minty fresh because they had been working on some Mint Shower Infusers...Mmmmm.

Here is Bettijo working her magic. (She also works magic with her products, I use her Whipped Shea Butter for my kids' very dry and cracked skin and it is UH-Mazing!)

Dana and Bettijo's little sis Crissy, who was an outstanding mentor and teacher on the art of dying and tying.

and myself enjoying some squirting.... I was a little cautious at this stage

These are our lovely bottles of very, cool dye (not Rit...a special brighter, bolder variety).


Q's shirt in progress....first all tied up, then dyed, then dried.

And the rest of the bunch...notice the burp cloth at the end...wish I had done more of of turned out so fun!

And finally the kiddos sportin' their duds... they were all quite excited to wear them and it was a fun little project. Now I want to do more...maybe some curtains, bedding, socks, who knows...the sky's the limit!

Thanks Bettijo for your cool idea and a fun day with yummy treats!


  1. LOVE the shirts. I'm thinking a tutorial at your house?

  2. wow! Yours turned out SO CUTE! I wish I would have left a little more white in my pillowcases. I need to post about this! It was so fun! I wish I would have had shirts. Your kids look so fab in them!

  3. Tie dying is so much fun!! All the shirts are so cute!! And I feel so bad for N and his broken arm!! What a trooper to take the pain! Rub some dirt in it and keep playing...what a man!!

  4. Super cool, definitely need to try it...

  5. Very bright and springy. :) What fun. :)

  6. Wow that looks so fun. I am thinking activity days. Do you think it would be too complicated.Tammi

  7. SO awesome! I love tie dye, we used to do it every year for our family reunions!

  8. Looks sooooo cute! What a fun time! I need her contact info for the lotion/cream for the dry skin, my kids have horrible skin right now and most lotions burn. Let me know Thanks

  9. I recognize the flower in Miss B's hair & the one she wore in the desert...they are adorable!

    Anyway...those shirts are soooo cute! & Q's onesie! LOVE all the pics & how you do it! I have never done tie die but it looks like tons of fun! Definitely need more of those burp cloths!

  10. the tie dyed onesie is too cute for words. Plus B's matching flower is over-the-top darling!!


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