Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Day

One day I ....

spot-mopped the floor (ie sprayed cleaner on the first rag I could find...wet the rag and washed the most needy spots)

threw some laundry in at varying times of the day, trying to stay within the "cheaper hours"

sneezed (a lot)

ran to the store for some much needed groceries and dishwasher soap

unloaded groceries

visited with friends

held a fussy baby

fed a fussy baby

burped a fussy baby

changed a fussy baby

made some crafty bows for Miss B with some other ladies...these are most of the ones we made

these are some of mine... a few are missing, we got a little carried away

talked with the hubs

straightened some of my house (ie did dishes, picked up loose items scattered all about, washed counters, wiped down bathrooms, took out trash, put away some folded laundry, dusted a few lucky pieces of furniture, put away the iron, ironing board and starch and other things I am certain, just can't think of/write it all.)

checked client emails

made Visiting Teaching calls

welcomed kids home from school

transformed a Transformer

instructed kids on folding and putting away laundry and miscellaneous chores

helped with homework

helped with homework

helped with homework

held a fussy baby

talked with kids

bounced a fussy baby

listened to kids

fed a fussy baby

tried to listen to kids even more

burped a fussy baby

wiped a fussy baby's nose (a lot)

tried unsuccessfully to put fussy baby down for a nap a few times

helped kids with homework

set up to take client pictures

took pictures of kids in green

talked to my mom

made dinner

ate dinner

cleaned up after dinner

took client's's a little preview.

changed my shirt because I was hot

edited kids' green pictures

looked up the reason for wearing green


fed baby once again (burped, bounced, played with, etc.)

had family scripture, prayer and discussion

sent kids to bed...did I kiss them, it was crazy

found Dennis asleep on the playroom couch laying in a wet puddle (uh-oh!)

cleaned up Dennis, brushed his teeth and sent him to bed

did more laundry

washed a lot of bottles

talked with the hubs

took away a pile of paper from a baby, which made him not only fussy, but very angry

checked kids "take-home" papers

signed permission slips

read up on Science Projects, Animal Research Projects and Field Trips...all coming up

bounced, hugged, patted, rocked and loved a CUTE fussy baby who keeps grabbing at his ears and has a runny nose

held a sleeping baby

changed the baby and put him to bed

wrote this

watched a little TV

read my scriptures

went to bed....phew!

(PS I did dress myself and the kids and fed us breakfast and lunch just in case you were wondering if I ran about all day in my pj's)

I didn't
, but wish I...

vacuumed the floor (s)

did more laundry

unloaded the dishwasher

dusted everything

cleaned out the van

picked more weeds

cleaned my room

trimmed the tree and other plants

put away the shovel on my front porch

cleaned up the backyard

cleaned up my computer area completely

talked to my kids more about stories, school...the fun stuff

made anything at all green for dinner

did anything at all in the form of exercise (other than running up and down my stairs 82 times)

played with the kids more...where DOES the time go

But, there's always tomorrow.....


  1. Blah! You are one busy, productive woman. I am very proud of you. :) And on an even more serious note you really do amaze me with all you can juggle and handle, you're a great mom and wife and not to forget friend and I am sure sister and daughter etc. You get an A++ on my scoring system. (Which unfortunately doesn't account for alot.)

  2. Oh and p.s. I love the pictures I can't wait to see the rest they have a great vintage feel to them.

  3. I have head that raising children is like nailing Jell-O to a tree. Or threading beads onto a string without a knot. Good grief, girl! It's a wonder you're so pleasant!

  4. I got exhausted just reading all that you do in a day! It's amazing that we don't collapse around lunch time. Thank goodness for beds, blessings, and tomorrows. Hope fussy little baby does better tomorrow.

  5. I would have to agree you are one busy lady and do juggle alot. I think having a fussy baby alone takes most of my energy. Let alone having all the other jobs being a mom/wife brings. Now on to tomorrow!

  6. amen, I know how you feel. wish I wasn't working because I'm in love with the fabric flowers, and need some. I've learned that I have to focus on the things I did get done, and not the things I didn't or wish I would have or I would make myself seriously crazy. And your "I did" list was full of good stuff too! Can't wait to see the rest of cy and janelle's pics.

  7. Whew! Loved reading your entry! (Tatum)

  8. I hear ya sister! I am always amazed at what comes up in my day that prevents the original list from getting done. I love your blog. It's so amazing- the picutres, the writing. I loved the Wii birthday party, so creative! I bet all those kids loved it! You are such an amazing woman!

  9. wow! I'm impressed. how about you start a class on productivity? I would come! :) Also, I love the St Patty day pics!!! your kids are so cute!!

  10. Love your bows!! you better teach me how to make them Gabby is in desperate need of some accessorizing!

  11. That makes me tired just reading it. My list of things I have gotten done in a day is much smaller than yours - but I am sure I can top your "didn't get done" list!! :)
    Cute bows too. Can't believe you are finding time to do stuff like that! I am jealous!

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  13. Ok seriously! How do you do so much! Kevin & I were just talking Saturday night. Wondering how on earth you run your own business, edit pictures (which takes longer than taking them), feed your family, keep your house clean, take care of 4 children & hubby, do your church callings, and still stay sane!!!
    Seriously...I hope I can be like you someday! That is what I aspire to! I only get like 1/5 done of what you do in a day!!!

  14. PS - pics are beautiful as always & I love the stinkin cute!


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