Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What.... 7 Years!?

7 years old today! March 4th (forth)...the only date that's a phrase! Happy Birthday Mr. C! What a studly guy...with a sensitive side.

We are getting ready for his big party and I thought I'd share his invite.
This is our family version because my kids wanted one made of them.

Here are a couple of guests in Mii form...

I made personalized Mii's for each guest and added that along with their name to their own invitation. It was quite funny making everyone. Miss B and Mr. C had great fun helping me pick eyes, hair and colors for their friends.

Stay tuned for the party events...I am so excited, it's gonna be great!


  1. We loved the invite. FANTASTIC idea, I cannot wait to see all the little details. Happy Birthday to the most handsome, and my very favorite Chritian in the whole wide world. Tammi

  2. super cute. So sad I'm in a little isolated hick town and have NO idea what a Mii is...although everyone in town except us has a Wii. haha! I can't believe my J is 7 either. Crazy! Handsome pics of Mr. C!

  3. HOW FUN! Love the little Mii's....I'm sure your kids loved creating those!

  4. My girls can't wait to go...well that is if they ever get over being sick...

  5. Happy Birthday! Have lots of fun on our birthday. Wii love you and can't wait to see you and your family again.

    Aunt Stephanie

  6. I love it! That is such a cute idea! Looks like you guys are going to have tons of fun!!!

    How did you do that? You are so clever! :)

    Happy Birthday to the cutest & sweetest Mr. C I know! Wait I should say handsome! :)

  7. March Fourth (or forth, to accommodate the phrase) - I never thought about it like that... Is that why you named him Christian? -Onward Christian Soldier, marching forth to war... ;) Cute. :)

  8. Erika I am back and I am rallying. Everytime I see Kendras Insanity, I really wamt to start a gourment group. I t seems like a fantastic time. let me know Tamm

  9. WOW - I remember when he and Bryant were babies and we were doing photo shoots in our little CTC apartments. Time does fly. What a handsome boy!!


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