Friday, April 24, 2009

Adventures in Menacing

More menacing has been going on at my house...mixed in with a splash of shenanigans.

Shenanigans are defined as: trickery, mischief, or underhanded actions. Yep, that perfectly describes what's been going on of late.

First there was the episode of eating...or should I say, drinking un-frozen Otter Pops behind an end table in my living room. Blast! Check out those sneaky fingers while I'm trying to take a picture, he's after them again!

He tried to make a break for it but I caught him.

Next he decided to do this to my living can't see but he dumped out a basket of laundry as well....

So, I made him clean it up....cast and all.... also note the backwards pants...just because.

Still cleaning, note the pile of laundry on the left....Argggggg!

And finally completed...and only a mere 2 hours (not even kidding) later. Two hours of now do 'this' and you forgot 'that' and one more pillow and you have to pick up the toys too....and a lot of 'where did you aren't done'!

He also decided to grace us with a couple of Giant Spit Wad Episodes...(which include big chunks of wadded toilet paper, soaked in sink water and flung at the mirror or down the drain) Excellent!

He had to clean up those too!

There have also been unbuckling-while-in-a-moving vehicle episodes (sometimes hiding in the back of the van for a few miles until I notice...), hiding-in-stores episodes, and hiding-in-Dad's-office-chair-while-Mom-is-frantically-yelling-and-searching episode (I even looked at the back of the chair and he never made a peep!)

Then he says stuff like, "I like you Mother" and "Yes Mother" in the sweetest, can't-say-his-r's voice muster-able.

I am on to him, I know his game....but I can't resist...especially when he's like this....

We do have excellent times together like when we're driving and he dons his sunglasses just as I do and says..."Let's Rock and Roll!"...gotta love it.

And just for kicks, here are the older two playing quite a trick on him...

He wanted to play their Star Wars Lego Wii game, but there are only two Wii remotes and they were worried he would damper their winning chances. Hence his blue, non-Wii remote. They kept telling him he was this or that player, and what a great job he was doing at this or that...

Look! It wasn't even fake plugged in...but he never noticed. In fact, he was quite happily playing and enjoying himself immensely...which brings me to my next question....

Are they evil, genius, or both? (I'm leaning toward Evil Genius myself.)

And there you have it....shenanigans in a nut shell. Sometimes these types of shenanigans leave me a little stressed and frazzled. To de-frazzle, a book, talk to a friend or family member, blog, go on a walk, make something or edit fun pictures. What do you do?


  1. Oh THANK YOU! I was beginning to think that I had the only evil genius. The toilet paper thing - WHERE DO THEY COME UP WITH IT!!?? I never did that as a kid, my BROTHERS never did that as kids; who taught them that this was a good idea? I want names!!!

    I hope that sanity returns, or at least the fear of consequence will assuage any further attacks. ;D

  2. Oh, Dennis that holy terror! He's definitely mischievous and very busily keeping you busy!

    I have my little 2 year old nephew here right now and he could definitely give Dennis a run for his money! I am starting to understand the definition of the word "frazzled"!

    Good job B & C with the remote! VERY clever. It's no wonder they won the Easter riddle! (Did their prizes come, by the way??)

  3. Super Genius! I think I'll be taking pointers from them :)

    My de-stresser is walking to the cemetery, chatting, ice cream (that was recently added), and cleaning mindlessly...ok ok I don't really clean! I shuffle piles of things around until I get a clear head :0) It works though!

  4. I forgot to tell you, your house is beautiful, even in spite of Dennis's shennanigans. And to answer your question on how to relax... Isolate yourself from society. It's the only way. Bubble bath, beer and a book. :)

  5. I get online and see what Dennis has done next!

  6. What will we do when Dennis grows up!? My livingroon looks alot like that lately, what is it with kids and trashing the couches? Sneaky sneaky older kids, that's very clever :)

  7. Jaxson does that too with the remotes! Kids learn that so young.I to have a "tazmanian devil" I like to call her. She is in and out of a room in no time but a disaster left behind. I don't de-stress well though, I should try some of your remedies!

  8. At least the spit wads were done with sink water and not toilet water.

  9. Nice! That is the way my house looks like on a daily basis...I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me!! Ha ha! I love that it took him 2 hours to pick it up! My kids do the exact thing to Kamryn while playing their works though she thinks she is soooooo good at it! thanks Erika, I always love reading your blog.

  10. That is hilarious & exhausting all at the same time! Man o Man! I am afraid I will have a dennis on my hands with Kody. Not sure how you do it! ...will need your advice!!! :)


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