Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Boy, a Cradle and a Baby

I took two of my boys to the desert because I've been wanting to try some things.

The big one was a little upset with me for not telling him to wear shoes instead of flips because of all the stickers and weeds and itchy little plants, so we tried to position him in the less weedy of areas. But alas, I do so love me some weeds.....and sweet flare so I would be remiss if I didn't say he had to suffer through the weeds the tiniest bit to get in that "just right" position for dear ol' mom.

Ahhhh, Master C has some outrageous eyeballs. They astound me sometimes.

We also had to be careful of never know, so I didn't let him run a muck through the desert wilderness. He stayed close at hand snacking on Starburst Jelly Beans to pass the time.

And on to the dear, sweet, talented mother made this cradle for me (and one for each of my sisters) when I was a kid for my dolls and I have been carrying it around all these years...Miss B used it when she was younger. Anyway, I found it in my closet and had to try it out with Q in the desert. It was a success I think.

Just an up close of those chubby fingers and rolls....for posterity.

And some of the baby blues.

Another flare, I'm addicted.

Now me and Dennis have a date next. He's been dying to go, but I need to figure out how to hide his cast....hmmmm....


  1. OOOOHHHHH I love them ALL! And I love your new spot with those bushy trees and such.

  2. You always have the best locations for your shoots!

    I think you should do a shoot with Dennis' cast! It's so cute, and it is a part of him.

  3. I like the cradle! It looks so antique! I wish I had one...


  4. Oh, wow!! The flare and the cradle! I LOVE THAT!! You are the most talented girl ever. Such unique and fun new ideas.

  5. I can't wait for you to take my baby's picture in that cute cradle! Now if we can just get her here.....

  6. Wow! Beautiful pictures! What sun flare! And that cradle! And C's tie! Studly.

  7. Mr C looks so handsome!!! Love his pics & those eyes!!!

    Q....words cannot even express! they are so stinkin cute! I am dying! LOVE the cradle! Wish I knew someone that talented! those are the most adorable pics of Q! So precious!!!

    You NEVER cease to amaze me!


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