Thursday, April 30, 2009

Late Nights, Shakes and Walks

My sweet sisters came for a visit last weekend and we decided we needed a few pics of the three of us, especially while we all have blonde hair. Ha! It's always changing.

We had fun chatting it up until the wee hours of the morn...fighting drooping eyelids so we could laugh and talk and be together just a little longer.

Some of us with the pretty flowers...

Thanks to my hubby who watched the kids so we were also able to go out for a little shopping and some delightful shakes....(Mmmmmm Raspberry Concrete goodness....I need more now)...then we finished off the visit with a late night walk, giggling and talking even more. I love it.

We enlisted Miss B to help us get some pics of our heads on the grass. Of course it was an overcast day which somehow leads to blindingly bright, burn your corneas, kind of sky. So we had to shut our eyes and open them on three...unfortunately...Miss B would snap the shutter ON three, not a few seconds after as I would we got a lot of these....don't they look like sweet Sleeping Beauties?! (Although one is at the ready with a cheesy grin...)

Then a LOT of these because half the pictures feature one or more of us with crazy, in-the-middle-of-opening eyes which doesn't make for a flattering picture. Plus one of us could hardly open her eyes ever, I won't mention who (ahem, Marci), so those pictures and her inability to get it together would send us into fits of laughter...see how brave I am to post this open-mouthed laugh picture of myself. It reminds me of a yawning hippo. Check out those teeth!

And then FINALLY!!! The one an only where, *cough* Marci, could keep those eyeballs open and looking normal!!!

I was so excited, I had to post a BW as well!

Thanks for the visit ya!


  1. I already posted, but my post took too long to process and it got deleted. So this is basically what I said:

    yapping hippo twinners
    love them all
    how do you get your eyes to open, I look pained.
    we look amazing and it has nothing to do with PS


    ANd I beat Jolene with the first post :)

  2. Those are priceless. Doesn't it just bring a huge smile to your face? It did mine. I love sisters!!

  3. I LOVE it! I just have to say how royally jealous I am! I would give anything to have a sister or two! I keep telling Kevin his brother needs to get married so I can finally have a sister! :) Looks like you girls had tons of fun! Yummy shakes! They are such sweethearts! And you all look soooo gorgeous!

  4. BEAUTIFUL pictures! I love them all! You are all gorgeous!!! And I agree with Ashley...I'm totally jealous! I really wish I had a sister...even just one sister would be awesome! And you lucky ladies have TWO! ;)

  5. Man Mia, I didn't know we were in a race...I will now definitely challenge you...and beat you! :) Oh and Erika since this is your blog I love sisters...they are the best. I actually like the laughing one the captures you and your sisters sparkling, yes sparkling, personalities. You guys are great!

  6. I feel I must explain myself, my poor eyes were already sensitive and watery from a dumb cold and could not stand the brightness of an overcast sky...I did try my best ;o) It was hilarious tho!! Love the laughing picture the best!

  7. A yawning hippo?? Lou! You don't either! I LOVE those on-the-ground grass shots. You always have the best ideas! Very fun and very beautiful. PLEASE come and take pictures of me and Brian, PLEASE!!!!!!!

  8. How fun and what fun sisters are!!! You are all so beautiful looks like a great visit was had by all. There is nothing better than some late nights of laughter!

  9. Love the photos. Whenever i am around you guys, I can always feel the amazing sisterhood you have. If you want i can dye my hair and be your short twin Erika. Let me know. Tammi


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