Monday, April 20, 2009

Me and the boys...

I took my boys with me to my most recent shoot...from previous post...and we ate dinner at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant whilst in the neighborhood. We had a fabulous night with good food and delectable dessert. The weather was perfect, the twinkly lights were twinkling and the company...outrageous.

Mr. C was able to get his FAVORITE fried rice for free (remember his birthday dinner...)

Cheesy smile+ huge bite + even huger spoon=

Poor Q was feverish and not himself...but it was his first time in a high chair and he quite enjoyed swinging a spoon around...note the silver blur in bottom left-hand corner. And again, strange-concentrating-fever face...but consider the source.

And the handsome hubs...

Miss B had a prior engagement that kept her from dinner. She was bummed.


  1. Love the bright vivid colors and now I am hungry.

  2. Q looks like he is about to sneeze... Or like he is stoned or something... ;) How much Benadryl have you been putting in his bottle, Lou??

    A night out. Fun for you and the boys. :)

  3. Why do you put us through so much misery!

    That's it I think I'll take my birthday dinner tomorrow night, and post pictures of the wonderful food that I, just ME, got to eat. And then we'll see who's mouth is watering from the delicious food the I, just ME, got to eat!

    And Q does look like he's about to sneeze-HA! Kodak moment for sure :)

  4. I need to know where that place is!! That food looks SO yummy!

  5. I need to know too! I love Vietnamese!! YUMMMMMMM...


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