Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Body Doth Protest

My arm aches, my back is tweaked and I shuffle/waddle when I lug this thing around.

Whose bright idea was it to create the most awkward contraption fathomable to stick a baby in and try to drag everywhere? Q's car seat is up to 30 lbs with him included...and while that doesn't sound too bad, the weight is NOT distributed evenly....you have to grip the odd shaped handle, lift (while bracing your back and abs) and hold a good 2 feet from your center of gravity making things EXTREMELY off balance. Plus, it usually ends up slamming against your legs as you walk, making you look like you are doing the pregnant waddle all over again! Not to mention the 10 lb diaper bag slung over the other shoulder that swings in your face every time you bend down to soothe said baby, etc.

You could also try hooking the handle in the crook of your elbow to give your aching biceps a rest....but it only takes a matter of seconds for your lower arm to tingle and turn numb....bummer...what else?

There's always the prop-it-on-the-hip shuffle that inevitably leaves odd bruises on your side and hip a few days later.

And if you have any other youngsters hanging around, such as I have, things can only get more interesting......

I am still in the early planning stages about how to better these so-called "carriers". Someday I will change the world with a great new car seat invention. That and sun visors for motorcycles...how sweet would that be?

Because of his length and girth, not to mention his weight...we decided to upgrade to a big car seat...so goodbye aching wrists and twisted back! One milestone down....*sniff*. Plus, he's started to climb the stairs......so there's another.........*sniff sniff*.

~UPDATE~ He decided to learn how to sit up from a crawling position and grow his first tooth today...I need to quit posting about his milestones because he seems to do more as soon as I talk about a new skill...Show Off..... *triple sniff*.


  1. He looks like he is going on a sweet carnival ride. I am watching some sweet Cosby reruns.

  2. Man I have gnarly bruises from that thing...can't wait for your invention...well actually I can now that I am done with babies, maybe the sun visor will help me out.

  3. I would always swing the carseat over my back, basically they were standing (making sure they are strapped in real good) and just carry them like that. They seemed to LOVE it and I was comfortable. ;)

  4. I have always wondered about those conundrumous car seats... There has got to be a better way. Perhaps a pop-out, remote controlled gurney for you AND the baby that could emerge from the car seat base... But even if someone invents it, Q will be all grown up and won't need it at the rate he is going!

  5. Seriously! I had to laugh because I can totally relate. I also really enjoyed the other post about the cleaning of the living room because- again- I can totally relate!!! The love of 3 year olds!

  6. I forgot to tell you my manager was telling me about a carseat that she saw either at the airport or in a catalouge that sound much like you invetion idea.

  7. I can so relate!!! Thus I don't go too many places when Kev is gone! Two is a lot of work!

    And the update! Climbing the stairs! Sitting from crawling! First tooth! You have to be kidding me! He is such a big boy now! They grow so fast! Love those eyes!


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