Monday, April 13, 2009

Obligatory Easter Post

For Easter this year, I saw a Tie Dye Egg coloring kit and knew we had to try it since this, apparently, is our year of Tie Dye...might as well stay on theme.

We had a fabulous time, I quite got into it. Dad colored all the base colors and then the kids and I, minus Q who was napping, swirled and created and painted to our hearts' content. And of course I had to have the kiddies wear their Tie Dye shirts...or else where would all the fun be?

Hmmm, just noticed that the boys' eggs look alike...purely coincidental, for as you see below, we made various color combinations. Ooooooh, I love all those beautiful, swirly, colorful eggs. I was so sad to see them eaten.

We then had a lovely hunt on Saturday as is customary for our family. It was raining, but we lucked out and happened to finish just before an astronomical down pour. I took quite a few pictures, but you'll have to settle for a few...

Mr. C needs a new bucket, he's always ever had this one and won't give it up. It's too small though and he ends up holding eggs in his hands, pockets, shirt, wherever....

She got the only dollar left by the Easter Bunny and was quite proud of it...that and the huge egg she found.

Dennis dug in right away's interesting to see how he does things with the cast. It doesn't hold him back much though. Notice the confetti in his hair??

I bought some fun confetti-filled eggs this year and we had a blast smashing them on each other's noggins. It was a little bit of a hassle to clean, but awwww the memories....the hubs and I only had to each vacuum for about an hour and a half to get most of it up, not counting some pre-sweeping, scooping and wiping. Here's little Q to demonstrate.

And then the Sunday clothes....I made Miss B's skirt...I had some leftover fabric and decided to try my hand at a little sewing again...creating things is therapeutic once in awhile. It turned out great as long as you don't look too close or inside.

A full-skirt view

Mr. C and his new tie.

Dennis and the bow tie....CLASSIC.

And me and the little guy....disregard his strange face-making skills...he's only a baby. He's probably chewing on his tongue or slurping slobber or some other worthy endeavor. And I know I am pictured frequently but after looking back at my 2007 blog book (which I just received and love)...I noticed I am not in very many pictures so I am making a conscious effort to add myself to events for future purposes.

I had the hubs wear a tie that he's had for years and strangely matched Miss B's bow and some of the fabric in her skirt. I fully intended on snapping a photo of said tie on said hubs, but with all the other stream of never-ending photos....I just imagine. It's a plaid tie in sort of pastel colors (the manly-cool type though).

Church was a little crazy, one of the kids smuggled in a mini squirt gun (I know right?! What the heck have I taught my children?) and squirted classmates in the hall, I won't mention who....they know who they are...another one wiggled and talked and wiggled during class...maybe too much sugar....?? And the Dennis one was caught waking up the baby after church by climbing in his crib and squirting him continuously with a full-size squirt gun in the face. The joys. It's times like these when you decide to laugh so you don't cry.

Sooooo, hope you all had a wonderful, colorful, eventful and maybe a tad more spiritual (although we did focus on just didn't seem to stick) Easter.


  1. Too funny. I love your way with words. Sounds like a great weekend.

  2. The eggs are pretty. We never do eggs though. We (I) can't stand them. D would make us eat them because heaven forbid we waste them. Everyone looks cute. Love the bow tie. Good for you getting your sewing machine out again.

  3. love b's will match so many flowers! And I do love the tye-dye eggs, so fun. Sunday was crazy, but I am a fan of the nice mommy class we had going in the hallway!!

  4. Sounds like life. Crazy. Love the outfits and the sewing skills. I didn't even get to complete church because the boy with the cast threw a fit and him and I decided to leave.

  5. I'm sad I didn't get to see B's skirt in person - it's gorgeous! And all without a pattern, I bet. The bowtie was quite a hit in Primary; I kept hearing "I got a bowtie" and all the little buddies would stare and admire it.

  6. Oh, that Dennis is a charmer! :) I love the Easter outfits and colorful eggs, too! What a great idea! Good job you. :)

  7. Oh come on the water gun is year my siblings, along with my dad, had a watergun fight in the house...I don't think my mom was too happy about that either...I doubt I would be now that I think of it. :) Love the bow tie and the tie dye eggs...were they messier than usual?

  8. Where'd you get confetti filled eggs? That's fabulous! Sounds like a fun Easter weekend for you all and B's skirt is beautiful. Your talents are never ending!

  9. I saw the same dye kit and seriously thaught about bying it, but didn't have much faith in our abilities. Glad to see you took up the chalenge, they looked great!

    Love B's skirt!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! The skirt is beautiful, I wish I could sew... maybe one day ;)


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