Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sad, Proud and Happy

Being a Mom brings all sorts of emotions. Frustration, amusement, amazement, sadness, joy, stress, pride and dissapointment are daily feelings that come at me.

Here's a little taste:

I wish my baby would slow down. Why is it that my fourth and final babe has to be so grown up already? The others didn't even start to crawl until around 8 months, yet here he is crawling over, under, around and through at not quite 7 months. He can pull himself up to stand so we had to put his crib mattress down. It was so sad, I thought about shedding a few tears. He is only practically a newborn for goodness' sake! (It seems like anyway.)

Look at that, on hands and knees now!

He likes to stand up on those hind legs...I think he must have pretty buff biceps and abs for such fancy moves.

And just as I was finishing up with this post, I find him at my feet doing this:

It's like he's got somethin' to prove...for CRYIN' OUT LOUD...slow down!

Moving on, Miss B received this award from her class the other day...

...for this amazing creation of hair.

We are BOTH excited and proud of ourselves for pulling it off.

Finally, Mr. C came home from school asking me for the brief use of one of my pots. The reason was a scrap piece of paper with some elusive instructions written on it. And I quote,

"Trap: tie string to a rock
get stick
put it up with nife
get pot
glue leaf in pot"

I questioned him further. He said it was just some notes for a caterpillar trap. Ah Ha! I couldn't figure out what a leaf was going to catch. But a caterpillar makes perfect sense. And I am not quite clear on the directions...but I am sure he knows what he's doing. Little things like that just make my day and leave me happy. How do they come up with this stuff?

As for Dennis, never fear, I have a full post dedicated to his shenanigans coming right up!


  1. So true about many emotions...sometimes I can't handle one let alone the ten that go through the day. I'm sad about your baby too, maybe you should just keep him in his carseat, problem solved. Congrats to Ms. B that is exciting, I felt the same emotion when my girls brought their awards home from their classes too.

  2. That is some seriously awesome hair, way to be creative! So sorry about your baby growing up on you : ( He sure is a cutie though!

  3. Ditto to the crazy mom emotions. I will have to post about MY day. Sheesh.

    Congrats to Bryn on the accomplishment! I can't wait to see little Q and Rainier this weekend :)

  4. Thank goodness for the 'good' emotions. They can keep you going when otherwise you want to collapse on the bed in tears. Hooray for the hairdo!

  5. Congrats to Miss B and her fancy fine hair. Twas no surprise. :) And that Q - he is a Q T. :) Try administering daily tranquilizers to him maybe? I know mine kept me pretty mellow for a few days... ;)

  6. So many of us going through so many of the same things. I would have to agree about slowing down! fun pictures!

  7. Christian,

    I really like your caterpillar trap. It's such a great idea! When I get grow up will you teach me how to make traps? And hopefully I can catch some caterpillars too!

    Your cousin,

  8. Love the trap, it sounds full proof. Congrats on the craziest hair ever. It was great. It reall is hard to know that you are on the last of many firsts. First crawling, walking, word, it really does make you wish time would stand still for a little bit.

  9. well she and you deserved an award for that hair do! What a cute little guy you've got. I know what you mean- I feel the same way about Kyle!


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