Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Weekend and Part of the Week

What a weekend it was.

We watched our niece, dubbed "Eighth Pint" by her uncle due to her extreme petite-ness...while her parents went on a cruise. She slept through the nights and her and Q had the same nap schedule and all would have been just dandy if two more kids hadn't started throwing up and another hadn't contracted a nasty cold/fever for several days. Plus, little Miss is teething and wasn't quite her chipper self either. She sure is a sweetie though and we all enjoyed giving her hugs and reading her books and helping her play. ( I also made some cute bows for her since I only have the one girl.....)

As I have mentioned before, Q is on the move, so I took some snaps to demonstrate. I sat in one spot and snapped as he moved his little, chubby self right along.
He stopped to look at me on his way.... and then reached his coveted toy/bait.
He crawled about 8 feet!

Anywho, while this is exciting and all....during one particularly crazy moment, heavy with sick kids, feeding kids, caring for kids and oh yeah, watching Conference...we all of a sudden couldn't find the little buddy. He was soon found following in the footsteps of his brother Dennis, crawling around in the bathroom heading for the plunger and scooting his sweet little body all around the toilet base...he may be the successor or an accomplice of the esteemed Dennis....only time will tell.

My lovely children snipped these extemely aromatic beauties from my rose bush for me, which are lovely to behold and brighten my table much~ thanks children...a spot of sunshine they are.

And then to end things with a bang...the parents picked up their sweet little Eighth Pint and we all were graced with a visit from a trio of cousins equipped with their parents. The youngest of cousins, 3 years old to be exact, headed out promptly to play with Dennis on the trampoline as soon as they got here. No more than 4 minutes had passed when there came much yelling and exclaiming from outside. Cousin was hurt, he hurt his leg.....on the trampoline....a visit to Urgent Care confirmed it was fractured.....and you will note that it is NOT April Fool's anymore. I don't really know what to say about luck, the lack of it or trampolines.

Other than that it was very fun to visit and take Maternity pictures for my Sister-in-law...a preview of such coming soon to a blog named Yellow Pear.

And totally unrelated I just recently (last night) had to say goodbye to an old friend...namely Coumadin.
He did a lot of good for me over the last 6 months, one could even call him a life-saver. But he is gone, and I am not sad to see him go. In fact, I would be very pleased if I never had to see him again.


  1. You were very busy weren't you? You have such quite nieces and nephews even with broken legs and sickness. Hallelujah to coumadin, glad you finally kicked that to the curb.

  2. CRAZY Huh? I wish we could get a picture of the two blue casts together, but for right now maybe we should stay away from trampolines. I think we will be taking ours down for a while. Can't wait to see the maternity pics. Chris has been asking when they will be up. I told him you may be wonder woman but you need time. Thanks for the fun afternoon and evening.

  3. Sorry to hear about all the sickies, but famil does make things so fun!!! Glad to hear about ditching the meds!!! Hopefully I can visit you soon!

  4. Life is never dull
    with you guys. I love the nickname Eighth Pint, petite she is. tammi

  5. What a weekend, sounds like lots of drama! I'm sure some parents were grateful for your babysitting kindness. By the way the roses are beautiful. I can't wait for the day when we actually own a home and can have a flower garden.

  6. Crazy, busy weekend! You've got me worried about my trampoline. I love it, the kids love it, no one's been hurt yet, but I'm thinking now that it's just a matter of time.

  7. Oh, Lou, I love the flowers! You should post some pictures on your blog of your house and yard. I have never seen either and I am so curious!! Will you do that for me?? PRETTY please?? :)

    Q is just developing like crazy - being Mr. Independent and following in Dennis's footsteps. Literally. :)

    And good riddance to Coumadin!! Let life resume it's normal bliss, right?? ;)

  8. Life can't be boring! :) I hope things slow down for you and congrats on saying goodbye to those meds!

  9. Yeah, I am so sure you are excited coumadin is gone! Thank Heaven!


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