Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Sweet Babe

A new sweet one...a boy this time. I tried out my fancy chair.....he wasn't so fond of it at first, but we prevailed!

And then we were able to maneuver him all around....

I love his sweet lips in this one....

Sweet tiny fingers

These pictures make it even more glaringly obvious just how GIANT my baby is.....*sigh*.

And on a side note...I wonder if this little bundle of sweetness will ever be the trouble-maker that Dennis is. It doesn't even seem possible does it?! And yet...Dennis was once a sweet little bundle of joy as well, but now when it turns dangerously quiet....I scramble to find him.

Today I found him taking a "bath" in the bathroom sink. Sheesh! Of course water was overflowing onto the counter. Of course he had his clothes on. Of course he had my manicure set for tub toys. Of course I couldn't stop my giggle from overflowing when he looked at me and chuckled. That kid. Life is never dull.


  1. very sweet boy! At first I was sad there are no pics of the bath, but all the details you provided paint quite the picture!!

  2. Oh, man, that Dennis! It never ends... :)

  3. Who did you do your blog book through??

  4. I decided I might HAVE to have another baby, just so you can do newborn pics!


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