Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another Year Older (and Wiser too)

It was the big day on Wednesday...the party day! We all yelled "Happy Birthday" when Dad got home and readied for our party. Q needed a hug first....and do you notice anything different about the Q-meister?? Come closer for a better look....

Yup, he has grown a tuft or two of hair...I am thrilled and so very proud. Now to fill in the rest of his head and take some of the focus off his slightly gooberish ears...those are from me, I confess.

I made some fabulous Clam Chowder and...

....his favorite chocolate pudding dessert (not sure of the name...Chocolate Delight....Chocolate Luscious?! It consists of a yummy crust, followed by a layer of whipped topping, powdered sugar and cream cheese combined to create a fluffy, creamy confection, next a layer of chocolate pudding is slathered on and a final layer of whipped topping and chopped nuts create this luscious delight.

Neither food item is very colorful, but never fear...they both pack a powerful punch to the taste buds!

Time to blow out those 12 (?) candles that Dennis so painstakingly placed.

The big boys licked the candles directly, and yes....he painted his own fingernails...what you can't see is that they are fire engine red (that's manly right...a fire engine....right?!) ...and I keep forgetting to take it off.

And one of Miss B posing before her slice.

And then we opened presents. A movie, some candy and hot chocolate, cards from the know the drill.


  1. You drink hot chocolate in Arizona?? In MAY, no less?? Good griefus!! Oh, well. I shall adore you still. :)

    I am positively charmed by the fine and fiery manicure which Dennis administered to himself. He has it all figured out, doesn't he?

    Happy Birthday! ~Tonya Mae

  2. Happy Birthday Landon! I hope he was happy, next year we will have to recreate the Twilight Party and surprise him with it so he'll feel super super special.

  3. Not sure the name, we call it Chocolate Mousse in our family. Either way, it is DELICIOUS!! You're making me crave some... MMMMM... Glad he had a happy birthday!!

  4. I am with Jolene, Twilight next year. Happy Birthday!

  5. So fun! I love it! Happy Belated Birthday L! LOVE Q's do! too adorable!

  6. haha...I agree with Jolene as well! :) Course I guess he would want Team Jacob! ;)

  7. I can't get the image of that dessert out of my head. I know I've had a similar concoction, but I don't have a recipe. Is that something you would be willing to share? I don't know what it's called either which makes recipe hunting less effective. Thanks!


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