Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blessings at the Dentist

Yesterday I finally had my 6-month cleaning and exam...only it has been over a year since my last one. Yikes! And I was VERY nervous about what they would find because for the last 6 months while on Coumadin, the doctors cautioned me about flossing too much and brushing too hard as it could lead to heavy bleeding of my gums. So I was very careful about brushing but restricted in flossing.

Needless to say...I was all set to go to my cleaning and hear the worst....but as I sat there in the chair and with a wavering voice asked how they looked...the Hygienist said, "Surprisingly great, especially with your history!" No cavities, no inflammation...nada!

What!! I couldn't believe it! I have hideous teeth genetics and no matter how hard I try, it seems I am always getting cavities, etc. And not only was I not flossing much for 6 months, I also hadn't had a cleaning in 15 months. I sat there in shock with little tears running down my face, (thankfully hidden by those glamorous goggles they give you) because someone was looking out for me during all those hideous Coumadin months and a little tiny thing like watching over my teeth is HUGE to me. I am so thankful.


  1. Apparently you have found the way to good dental health... lightly brushing, no flossing, and no dental exams...I love it! Just kidding, those small things truly are miracles aren't they?

  2. Yeah...I'm afraid to go. My "history" isn't too great either.

  3. You deserve a blessing like that. What you went through already was more than enough.


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