Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Forgot... tell you that he got his cast off a few days ago.

He giggled when the cast saw tickled his arm. The nurse said he was very brave. He thoroughly enjoyed watching them pry the cut cast off of his prunish arm. We did not find any toys, pennies, food or other such items tucked away in the cast remains....luckily. His sported some dried, peeling skin on his arm and kept it bent for a few days after.

The doctor said the break was not 100% healed but good enough to remove the cast. He then instructed me to keep little man Dennis from jumping off couches while the break made a complete heal. I mentally added the stairs, chairs, half wall, people, stacks of things, trampoline, stacks of other things, stools, beds and boxes....I don't think the doctor thought he was asking the near-impossible. But I knew better.

When the kids got home from school, they wanted to run in the sprinklers and.... happy day...I let them. I know, I am the World's Best Mother.

See the sheer joy on their faces? Don't miss the purple didn't take long for those scrawny bodies devoid of fat to get quite chilled. Oh and yes, I know....the fingernails. It's almost totally chipped off by now, so what's the point of digging out the cotton balls and Polish Remover?

Do you think he's been free of couch-jumping, or climbing on precariously wobbly tables, or jumping from one tall object to kitchen stools above tile....of course not. But we wouldn't expect anything less, would we?


  1. Your pictures and your kids are so adorable! If you are ever in town and feel like doing some pictures please let me know. I would love to get some of Bentlee but I totally understand if it won't work out for you. I realize that when you are here you are probably on a mini vacation and might not feel like working:)

  2. you have the cutest kids :) go Dennis go!!!

  3. You may need to tie Dennis to something solid and immovable and let there be no more than 3' in the rope so he can't get to high places and break his other arm. Or perhaps keep him in a padded room or have him don a puffy, full-body suit. -He actually might like either and/or both of the latter options. ;)

    Running through the sprinklers... now I haven't done that in AGES! :)

  4. They are so easy to please. Simple thing like sprinklers after school, love it! You are the worlds best mom by the way.


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