Friday, May 22, 2009

Three Lovely Ladies

I was able to meet up with some previous clients again. It is always so fun to catch up with clients, see how the kids have grown, what's new about everyone...etc.

This gal has grown up a lot since last time, but she's still as photogenic as ever! Do you love the yellow as much as me? It happens to be a dumpster!! :)

I LOVE it when I catch ones like this!!

This is one of my favorites...I'm really diggin' the turquoise and pink...the popped heel...the slight curtsy.... awwwww....


And then I was able to take some of this beautiful lady for her boyfriend in Iraq. We had a blast trying not to squint, looking for cool places and giggling over crazy poses.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

Oh and in computer best husband removed my old, decrepit computer fan and replaced it with a shiny new one. He had to travel to a few stores to complete the task...but it is finished and oh so wonderful. I shall not be bald after all. Hallelujah!


  1. Luv the blue door, the bright yellow background and funky brick wall!

    I DO love them as much as you do :) What lovely ladies, just lovely!

  2. Oh, Lou, even if you were bald, you'd be just as beautiful as ever. Glad you'll be spared the hair pulling pain, though. ;)

  3. Love the last one - I think our boys over there need a smiling face to let them know that, at least somewhere in the world, things are okay. Great job!

  4. Love, LOVE the yellow! And a live-in computer repairman? awesome.

  5. Very bright and colorful, love it, and I remember that mom and daughter duo from last year...she has grown for sure.

  6. Shari and her daughter are wonderful! So funny that she got her pictures done again too! You have such a talent Erika!

  7. i love all the pop in colors!! wow!! such great photos!!! i was laughing at your "best husband"..i'm glad you don't have a "worst husband" ;)

  8. Thank you for taking these great pictures of us!!! Can't wait to see them all. : )


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