Friday, May 8, 2009

Warning...Sweetness Overload

I've wanted to use this cradle for a baby girl for awhile...I imagined a sweet newborn in a little dress and the sign jauntily hanging from the front. And I FINALLY got a client with a baby girl...and then when we went out and saw all the yellow blossoms...I knew it was meant to be. Just like in my dreams.

Again, thanks go to my dear, talented Mother who made the cradle and also the Baby Sleeping sign many years ago when Tole Painting was all the rage.

I would have shouted and done a crazy dance when I saw this beautiful piece of art because I was so excited with what I could do with it...but I did NOT want to wake this sweet, sleeping baby...and look how my silent cheer paid off....

A huge thanks to the baby's mother for making this stellar applique extravaganza so I could use it to create such a wonderful photo!

Again, another silent squeal of know why...

I LOVE how this one turned friend gave me the idea and I found this frame I made of vintage molding from my old school they tore down..and it worked SO perfect!

She looks like she's sleeping in a big bowl of cotton balls, eh?

And of course, her multi-talented mother made her a fabulous's a little taste...

And then those beautiful little peepers...looking at her Mama.


  1. WAY fun!! Those are so unique. Anne Geddes would be green with envy...

  2. wow- i must have one of those appliqué tree thing-a-ma-bobs!!! How did she make that and does she sell them???

    Oh- and as usual I am AMAZED by your photos!!!! How on earth do you do what you do??????? Lessons please! Is it worth a Lake Powell trip this summer?

  3. Oh my gosh, you weren't kidding, they are all the sweetest. Love eveyone of them, I am about to have another baby so I can get some of these backgrounds.

  4. sweetest baby!! that cradle is too much! I wish my giant baby could fit in it! :)

  5. They turned at superb...I don't know how the mom is going to choose just a few, she is going to have to have a whole wall dedicated to that pretty little baby.

  6. OHMYGOODNESS...she is seriously the sweetest baby!! Oh did a great job with the pictures as usual. They are amazing.


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