Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini and a Kilt

I met a fun family the other day...remember my busy spell...and I took some outrageous pictures and we had a very exceptional time. Then over the weekend, the main water pipe to my house broke and my husband was out of town. It was kinda fun. Good thing we have excellent friends who love to help! After that, my computer's fan went out. More fun.

In conclusion I have been spending lots and lots of time turning on and off water to my house, storing water in bottles and various containers, and then finding all of my backed-up photos and transferring to the laptop. It's a dang good thing I have a backup, huh?! Trust me, I learned that lesson the HARD way. And the laptop is mind-numbingly S-L-O-W and I may be bald shortly from all the hair-pulling that has occured. So, as you might have figured...I am behind in posting...but here is a sneak peak finally!

Little Miss Muffet sat on her Cheetah-print Tuffet.....

Check out these baby blues....

It was melty-hot outside. Good thing they were watching out for me and brought me an ice cold bottle of water sometime after this photo....

This little sweetheart was a hoot to listen to and talk with, etc. etc. and a cutie pie too!

Are you wondering about the bikini and kilt yet? Keep reading...

Mom had the wonderful idea to have her kiddies in their bathing suits splashing around in a colorful play pool....I was supremely excited. And it turned out to be just as great as I'd imagined! Obviously this is where the yellow poka-dot bikini made it's debut.

Baby absolutely and entirely enjoyed splashing to his little hearts' content. I absolutley loved watching.

And without any more jabbering...the moment you have all been waiting for....an adorable baby in a kilt. His Dad is Scottish and Grandma and Grandpa sent over his first kilt. I think it goes quite nicely with the green grass, don't you?!


  1. Good grief, Lou! It's been RAINING on you! I am always amazed at what you are able to accomplish given the time as well as all of your other responsibilities. You make the rest of us look like lazy street bums!

  2. I love them! You did a great job! Can't wait to see the rest. I love Logan's toes in the kilt photo!

  3. Super cute! Love the pose in the bikini and love babies blue blue eyes and the bright colors. Looks like a fun family for sure. Oh and by the way, don't pull out all of your hair...you'll regret it...although I guess you won't have to worry about doing it.

  4. Isn't it amazing how something has to trigger us getting our act together? Good luck on the water storage. Sorry that whole thing had to happen. As for your royal baldness...lol

  5. They look great!!!!!! I love the one with the baby blue eyes! What a hottie in the bikini.

  6. E - Matthew is trying to get a hold of L. He only has old numbers. Please have L. call Matthew's cell: 801 850-7491. Thanks!

  7. Don't pull that beautiful, LONG hair out, it will take you another 2 years to grow it back out! :)
    Cute pics!

  8. Great pics. Love the bikini and the kilt.


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