Wednesday, June 3, 2009

9 Months Old and Jell-O Lime Wedges

I caught up with Afton again for her 9 month photos...always a pleasure.

A little curtsy and some dimple-action....

A snap with a favorite toy...

I love these last two. Look at those bow lips...

I especially love the toes peeking out....

And for those of you staying up at night wondering just how to make those lime wedges full of Jell-O, toss no more.

What you do is simply cut some limes in half and remove ALL of the fruit (believe me, not a simple task, I took my life in my hands trying to extract said fruit with a little knife, lots of pressure and plenty of room for mistakes). It is important to take out as much fruit as possible as the lime juice will seep into the Jell-O and too much makes it bitter...(again with the trusting me part).

Next, make the Jell-O according to the Jigglers directions. I made the Jell-O first, thinking it would be easy to de-fruit the limes and then had to hurry and stress trying to get it done before the Jell-O set up.

Then put the scooped-out lime halves in mini muffin tins and fill them with Jell-O. You can add mini chocolate chips halfway through the setting process to represent the seeds of a watermelon...but I did not. Your choice.

When the Jell-O is completely set, remove limes from tin and slice carefully into wedges.

I only made twelve lime halves as I got tired of scooping...and used the rest of the Jell-O for Jigglers and my kids were quite thankful!



  1. Travis said "She looks angelic!" and I totally agree! Thank you so much, Erika! Can't wait for our next date in 3 months. :)

  2. Good grief, those lime wedge jigglers is an involved process! I shall save myself the headache and have you make them for my next birthday party. ;)

    I'm going to call you "Amazing Lou" from now on. :)

  3. She has some beautiful eyes to go with those cute dimples. Loved your previous post, what a fun party!!


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