Monday, June 15, 2009

I Dream of Grapes

Last year we picked these beauties from our backyard...remember?

Then we ate them and froze the rest to enjoy later....Mmmmm.

This year we picked some once again...and washed them and ate them and froze some....

Then, we got CRAZY and boiled some to make juice....

Which we in turn used to make jelly....

And then we froze the leftover juice for some popsicle action....

And when I say we, I mean the kids and I. It has been quite satisfactory.

In fact, I think it domesticity at it's finest.

As I look back on previous posts, I realize that I must have felt the need to create lately. I've been dabbling in a little sewing, working with tie-dye, having fun with a handful of parties...and now jelly and anything else I can make with grapes. In fact, I lie awake at night thinking of my next batch....or when there's a lull in my day, I revert to grape sentiments without even knowing it. I have about 11 jars now, and they are bigger than the one pictured even. The jelly isn't as "grapey" as jelly made of the Concord variety, but good just the same. I just might make my family sick of grape jelly, but it is so gratifying to know I have planted the grapes, picked the grapes, and every other step to eventually get juice, jelly and popsicles. I feel like the Little Red Hen or something.

Creating is good for the soul, I reckon. And my soul must've been lacking I guess.
Anyone need jelly? Or we could trade for some homemade bread....


  1. Sounds delicious!!! I would love some Jelly i could swap you one of my peach jams for one of your grape.

  2. You are the perfect little red hen. Looks fruity, can't wait to try some.

  3. Oh, wow. What fun! You never cease to amaze me, Lou. :) I don't even know HOW to bottle or can ANYTHING. Sheesh. I kind of got left in the dust in the domestics department. And I'd love some jelly, but I can't make homemade bread, either. How about if I take you for a nice drive in my fast car?? Or I could sing and play you a song. That'll be better than homemade bread, right?? ;)

  4. Nice way to beat the heat and enhance your Super Mom skills! Looks mighty refreshing ;)

  5. yum! what a great idea! i'm impressed with your grapes...i've never even thought about planting those...i'm sure the kids love to pickin those!


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