Monday, June 22, 2009

It didn't go as planned.

Father's Day that is....despite my plans, best efforts and attempts.

Here's a rundown.

I made homemade bread the night before (albeit in the bread machine, but counts, right?) It was for breakfast, but the Guest of Honor had an early morning meeting before church, so it wasn't the type of breakfast you get in bed. It was the type you inhale before running out the door.

Five minutes later he was back because the meeting had been cancelled due to the day's festivites. No biggie. Although had we known, I could've done the breakfast-in-bed routine. Oh well.

We headed off to church after a wrestling match with the kids to get them in their church clothes and cute, etc. We made it on time. *sigh of relief, wonderment and awe* The meeting was great...all went well.

We ended up eating a very late lunch and so decided not to cook the fancy Salmon dinner I had planned as we probably wouldn't be hungry enough to enjoy it adequately by dinner time.

The house was a complete and utter disaster. Probably the most cluttered, dirty and filthy it has ever been. Ever.

I got a neck, shoulder and back massage and a quick cat nap due to the hideous onslaught of a killer migraine.

My gifts were a bit of a flop. The biggest success was this cute box of Sour Jelly Bellys.

Yep. I know. The mind boggles, doesn't it? How do I come up with these outstanding gift ideas?! Anyway, I also got him a Dukes of Hazzard movie thinking that he watched it as a kid and it would be a great walk down Memory Lane. Well...I was wrong, it was the A-Team he watched. Perfectly understandable mistake, right?! Sheesh.

The other success was this book that he picked out for himself and I wrapped.

So to recap:

No breakfast in bed
No fancy dinner
Messy house
Opportunity to give ME a back rub and watch the kids while I slept
Floppish gifts

I shall cling to my two successes, the bread and the jelly beans.
And then I'll start planning for next year.

The kids were great though. Dennis brought him this M&M bowtie that he made at church. Dear ol' Dad wore it with dignity and grace. I snapped a picture, reviewed and adjusted my settings due to the blurry nature and then my battery died, keeping within the theme for the day. So, this is as good as it gets.

Miss B picked out this lovely card and she thinks it is so funny and has memorized it and repeated it to all of us many thousands of times. The inside reads, "it would have been a lot more help, if I'd have paid attention" with a picture of the kid playing a video game. It is her exactly. Although it's not with video games, per se. Usually it's just her own daydreams that get in the way! He got quite the kick out of it.

So, Dearest Hubs, I hope you don't take my truly unsuccessful attempt at an enjoyable Father's Day as a reflection of my appreciation for you. In fact, take it as quite the opposite. And then you will know.


  1. Well it was worth a try, my gifts were a flop to, I will be returning them this week. Our poor husbands.

  2. As usual, you are being too modest. I had a great Father's day.


  3. Ah, Lou. That's the story for me EVERY time that it's Christmas or Brian's birthday. Kill! Now you can know what it's like (ONE TIME) for some of the rest of us to not be Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart and Julia Roberts all rolled into one every single time you venture out on a perfectly plotted party. :) You're still the most amazing woman ever, though!

  4. I am finally getting a chance to read up on your blog! I love to read your blog. You always have the most creative, colorful awsome things to talk/ show about. Landon's sure a great guy- that day just shows what a great dad/ husband he really is! I LOVE the pictures of Emily's kids and Afton. You are truly amazing! I am longing for your photography again this fall when it's time to do our yearly pictures. I know that you would be able to do amazing things with our family once again!!! Agh! Maybe someday... Anyway, hope you are good and I would love to hear from you if you ever get a minute!!

  5. I think your frankness is very refreshing! We all have opposite days when things are supposed to go "perfect." The best my hubby got was an hour nap in between meals...before I nagged him to get up and "participate" with us:) ha!


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