Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Location, Three Familes and a Winner

About a week ago, I headed off to one location to photograph all of the above in about 2-2 1/2 hours. It was busy, hectic and crazy but luckily overcast so we didn't all die of melting.
Family #1....

And we were even able to catch the rooster in the shot!

I love these next three...these guys could be a magazine family or something...goodness!

I told them to laugh at each other and then let loose the most fake, obnoxious laugh I could muster. It did the trick methinks.

Family #2

Well, just the kiddies....

Old brick, cute kids in flip flops...what could be better?

This baby face kills full of life and twinkly eyes.

Getting away...

Family #3

I am extemely drawn to this one....the color, beautiful swoop of long, dark hair and those big, toothy smiles! It just speaks happiness and fun to me.

Luckily I had my assistant with me to get the above little man to hold still... he just struts his feathery finery and makes a few noises and the kids stop in their tracks. Isn't he beautiful? Actually, he's not my assistant...sorry to burst your e-bubbles. He was just roaming the grounds at this cool park where chickens, peacocks, cats, rabbits and pigeons all reside. He walked so close to us, I had to back away to get all of him in the shot. The kids really enjoyed the episode. So did I actually.

This picture was caught as the peacock was strutting said feathers. Hallelujah! I think I need to get me something like a peacock for those busy 2 year old kiddies. It would work wonders.

The chair was super fun to sit in...but only for about 2-3 seconds--tops!

And finally, here she is...the Just Because Winner. My good friend Wendy. We have been great buds since High School. We were in Yearbook and wrote for the school's Literary Journal together. We decorated for dances and functions together. We went on double dates. We talked about our favorite books and our dreams and philosophies. So with all that history, you can imagine how excited I was when she won my contest and was coming to town so that I could see her. It's been a long time. I had fun hanging out with her and her sister and their kids for a few days. My kids got along great with her kids, her kids got along great with my kids...which made the visit even more enjoyable. More of our adventures to come soon.

Anyway, she worked the modeling bit like a pro....although she admitted she was a tad nervous. But I don't know why, she's a looker, eh?!

And one in true Mommy form


  1. I love them! thanks so much - I can't wait to see more!

  2. Love them all! But then I always knew I would... I guess I was a little surprised that I actually liked the pictures of myself, though. I can't wait to see them all. Thanks so much for dealing with us all that day. It was really good to see you!

  3. It's a small world after all in the blogosphere!!!! I about died when I saw your good friend Wendy's pics - we are in the same stake. Now we are officially connected by an actual person that we both know. She is a beautiful person and it's obvious that the camera loves her.

  4. They are ALL so photogenic! And I love that location BTW. How did you manage to get the rooster in the shot?

    Oh wait, it's cuz your AWE-SOME!

  5. Super cute...definitly a magazine family for sure and I love the vivid colors of all of the animals.

  6. If they are a magazine family, then you OWN the magazine! You go, girl! Those are terrific pics! Very flattering, fun and schpunky! ;-D


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