Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Speedy Automobile Bash

Otherwise known as The Race Car Party.

I didn't know he loved cars so much, or more specifically-- the racing variety...but Dennis has been insisting on just such a party for many months now. I obliged.

Never in my history of kid-party-throwing, have I thrown one that made me laugh so hard, or enjoy myself as much. It was an absolute delight.

Behold the CAKE. Miss B and I had a fabulous time baking, frosting, smoothing, crumbling, and decorating the masterpiece.

He whole-heartedly approved.

The Pit Stop...where one could "refuel" on doughnuts, orange slices or Oreos. The doughnuts and Oreos were stacked to resemble tires. I had a few orange cones laying around that worked great for decoration, as well as the black and white banner Miss B and I made last minute. The checkered cups were perfectly on theme and last but not least... yellow lines cut from paper and then taped to my black buffet completed the ambiance.

Grammie gave him this cool car gift earlier and it was set out... along with car tracks, race cars, etc. for the guests to occupy themselves with. This was one of my more ingenious ideas, because I didn't have to worry about entertaining them nonstop. They just immediately set to work playing with all of the car items that were readily available.

I did have a few planned activites up my sleeve however--scroll on for details....

We covered the table in paper and Miss B drew a road on the outer edges. We then threw out some crayons and let kids color houses and drive Matchbox cars around their prospective buildings and driveways, etc. It was a good time-filler. Plus, after the cake was eaten, I just rolled up the mess and threw it away! Cleanup in a snap!

I had Miss B and a few other local artists come over the day before and paint two stunning race cars. We then set up a race course with cones and other obstacles to run around. We gathered two helmets and two sets of goggles for the big relay.

It was a complete riot! Explaining how a relay works and then watching them actually do it, set us into fits of giggles! Notice the backwards helmet and hanging goggles in below picture....tee hee.... Also, the red race car suffered a tire loss, but it managed to be just as speedy with only three tires!

Here's the Big Man all suited up...

And then running for it on his turn!

A few other guests running wildly to win...

The focus is off in this picture, but I loved it anyway. It shows the two teams right in the middle of it all. And the driver of the red car is stopping to pick up a knocked-over cone.

We were short one player on the red car team, so Miss B volunteered to run slowly and help out. Doesn't she look fetching?

This serious little dude was up against Miss B for the last leg of the relay and the big win. He was dead set on winning her! His little legs were pumping like mad and as he glanced over his shoulder coming around the last turn, he yelled out with vigour...."I'm gonna WIN you!"...they came in right at a tie. Perfect! Look at his team congratulating him! He still had his game face on at this moment. I about died at this hilarious ending! It was so hysterical and the kids absolutley ATE it up!

This is one of Miss B's artist friends who came along to help at the party. I was most grateful for their support during the relay! Also, she gave Dennis a gift and a handmade card complete with a pop-up race car. On the front it reads, "Don't race through life..." and then on the inside, "...without winning it." It is my new motto. So true. I think it is quite the clever card and got a good chuckle out of it.

Miss B created this "Pin the Car on the Finish Line" game for us. It is very stunning I think. I am especially in awe of her spoiler-drawing skills!

The gang....

He received a very cool gift from Tia Mia. A Speed Racer car that drives when pushed and upon collision with a wall, chair, etc...the driver gets catapulted from the seat into the air. Jolly good fun and all that sort. (Sorry I'm reading an English novel and phrases of the like are swirling haphazardly round in my head.)

His face just melts me...

The goody bags held a trophy cup filled with butter mints in checkered packaging and a race car. They were appreciated greatly by the mini guests who were thrilled they had won a trophy cup for their big "race"! Ha! Outstanding! Nothing better than guests appreciating your hard work. Especially when they are approximately 3 and 4 years of age.


  1. WOW! I just showed that to my husband as I read it and he said, "Man. I'm tired now!" How many months does it take to pull something like that together?? And where in tarnation do you get your ideas?? You amaze me, Lou! Just AMAZE ME!

  2. p.s. Miss B is AMAZINGLY talented, just like her mommy. :)

  3. Are you serious? I remember being cute once upon a time. Good for you.

  4. Brilliant, just brilliant! I loved the candid shots of the racers.

    Hey, I think I'll borrow that motto for my life too! Good one!

  5. I missed out. I wish I was there sounds like it was a blast!!!

  6. The pic of N runnin' with his car is truly hilarious!! I can't stop laughing! I love how he has the car hiked up and he's hunched over in mad pursuit!! Haaha!! Looks like a really fun party!

  7. Adorable theme party. Love the box cars. Thanks for sending along the dessert recipe a couple weeks ago- we ate it on fast SUnday which made it extra good and the calories not count so much.

  8. How fun!! Can I hire you to come up and do my little guys party?? He wants a Star Wars party. I have never been that creative and I absolutely loved all your ideas and of course, picture taking skills! All your kids' faces melt me, too!! They are GREAT - in more ways than one.

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  10. Looks so fun! I feel so terrible that Mia missed the party. She has been wanting to play at Dennis's house AND she missed such a cool party!!! Not that this is an excuse but we were thinking about leaving for California on Friday night but then we changed it to Sunday night and then I forgot about the party....I'm glad it was such a great success!


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