Friday, June 5, 2009

Trip Home

We went home for a quick, impromptu visit a bit ago. It was nice to see some of my favorite places and just relax with family.

I HAD to go get some of these....they are 7,000 pounds of culinary deliciousness packed into the shape of a cupcake. (to-die-for) These particular beauties are named Raspberry Lemonade and Orange Blossom...and very aptly, I might add.

My sister came with me and we did get lunch too...Salmon Pesto. It was also very yummy...(although note I pictured the cupcakes first- purposely).

We sat in the car and dined whilst the babies slept.

We split lunch and each sampled the cupcakes.

Then we drove around town a little. My friend's brother made this very awesome sculpture, so I thought it would be great fun to stop and take a gander. It is very-even-more awesome up close and personal.

I jumped in the shot as proof I was there. For my friend. See friend, I WAS there!

And then I've been meaning to get a summer shot of the Temple for quite some time...check!

I was daydreaming all the while about the Strawberry Lemonade cupcake goodness and gave in to my cravings and stopped back for another. Only they were out. So I got Raspberry Vanilla. Still good. Here's the cute little to-go-box they sent me with because I was going to eat it LATER.

Only LATER happened to be about 5 minutes later. But who's counting? It would've been quicker if that teasing-thinks-she's-funny sister of mine hadn't hidden it when I wasn't looking!

Later we stopped downtown to spend some time at the fun splash park they have. Q thought he was in heaven. He grinned and crawled and splashed and laughed all over the place.

Cousin Chubs (hmmmm, wonder how long I can use that nickname?) took a bit to warm up...but then he was off and er, crawling.

The big kids made rafts for this purpose and had a fabulous time racing their crafty crafts up and down the river. And then playing with the babies here and there.

I get a huge kick outta this snap...the matted hair, the seemingly ginormous head due to camera angle (or is it genetics?), the messed up's just fun.

We also were able to spend another fun weekend at The Cabin. Almost everyone was there. Laughs were shared. Weather enjoyed. Yummy food eaten. PJ fashion shows held. Grandpa sang for us like always....and it was Q's first time listening. He was entranced.

Speaking of grandpas, the big boys were spoiled by them. One grandpa took them horseback riding for many an hour, the other drove them to a fishing adventure for more hours. They ended up being plumb tuckered out and thoroughly happy.


  1. Well you're the happiest person with children this summer! Unless you're totally faking it...

    But the cupcakes look divine! I need to go eat some breakfast before going out of doors. I can't think of any place in Alpine that sells such numminess, but I can look!

    And I am totally jealous of your grandpas. I want one to wear out my kids!! It's the best feeling to look in the back seat and know that it will be a quiet ride. Great pics, great fun!

  2. i don't see the guitar sculpture thing? Is it gone?

  3. Oh fun. Can I come on your next trip...pretty please?

  4. My word, what a fun filled weekend! I love that 25 Main restaurant. It is DELISH! Especially their cupcakes. It's worth every last fat gram and calorie - and they contain a multitude of them! But sometimes, you just gotta give in AND have it all guilt free! :)

    Nice shot of the temple, btw... not sure if I've ever seen one without people in it! -It may be worth something. ;)

    And I love the the guitar sculpture. It's neato!

    K & Q's water shoes are perfect! Where'd ya score those bad boys? They are both functional and have serious style points!

  5. Oh :) you went to see the sculpture :) I will have to tell my brother :) Love the picture of it. After seeing the pictures of the cup cakes I'm tempted to go see for my self so I can take a deture to a cupcake shop! Yummy!!

  6. Love the sculpture. Sounds yummy. Nichole and you are made of the same food mold, you really appreciate the yumminess of it all. I love all the fun baby pics. Q is really developing family features. Have a GREAT one, Tammi

  7. Ok...So I have been hear a year now and still have yet to get a cupcake at 25 Main! When I do go, I will be getting a Raspberry Lemonade. Also, I love the Sculpture. When I first saw it, I thought now that would be more fitting in Nashville than the naked people sculpture that they have right on Music Row! hahaha...I love it!


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