Saturday, June 27, 2009

We Shall Call Him Christopher Columbus

...for he's always out to discover.

He felt the need to check out the texture and quality of the grass the other afternoon. Quite enchanting that stuff is.

Then he tasted it. He seemed pleased.

Next he crawled over to say hello...

followed by a quick smile for the camera,

and then it was back to looking, chewing and crawling. Maybe even at the same time.

And a shot of me for the day because you know how I feel about moms being pictured a little more. And after all, I was there too!


  1. Wow you look stunning in that picture. I hven't seen you in forever? Are you coming in July when Tim opens for Lady A?

  2. I love the little explorer. And you look lovely as usual!

  3. That 2nd pic of Q with the grass in his mouth shows off his true future farmerhood. :) What a hunk!

  4. He sounds like a Dora too.


  5. plaid shirt + grass in mouth = adorable baby farmer picture :)

  6. He is a great explorer..maybe he will find some exotic spices for you out there.

  7. I think he looks like a little farmer in the field, chewing on a bit of hay as he contemplates the eternal question of what came first, the chicken or the egg...


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