Monday, July 27, 2009

The Graham Canyon

While on our drive home a few weekends ago, we passed a sign noting the upcoming turnoff for the Grand Canyon and Miss B pronounced a desire to see it. So we obliged thinking it was a mighty fine idea! Dennis was extremely ornery at the moment and expressed his distaste for the idea yelling over and over, "I don't want to see the Graham Canyon, and I don't like it!" But we went anyway. And of course he ended up having a very grand time and didn't want to leave. Kids!

We took a small walk/hike down to the lookout point at the North Rim. Dennis scared us repeatedly by trying to run pell-mell down the trail and wanted to do it without holding either of his parents' hand. Luckily we're stronger than he is.

Q was just absolutely jubilant to be free of his car seat that he seems to view as a straight jacket.

The view was awe-inspiring. It made for some fun discussions.

Miss B and Mr. C occupied their time by trying to identify local flora with the help of a wildflower guide that Miss B found at the grandparent's house. There were a couple of intriguing flowers that totally stumped them.
On our way to and from the parking lot, we noted all the different states the cars were from which was enjoyable and informative as well.

And that concludes our quick trip to the Graham Canyon.


  1. That makes me a tad bit hungry...must be the graham. Love Q"s wrinkley nose smile and miss B's pose, she's getting good. Looks like a grand time at the grand canyon...go ahead and laugh I am super funny. j/k

  2. Oh, I just LOVE Graham Crackers - er - Canyons. :) What a delight! Little Q is Quite the Quack. :)

  3. What a spontaneous adventure :) Those are the best kind especially when they are educational! I also love the squnity smile of Q and the rest of the clan. I wonder where L was...he seems to have disappeared to the Not Pictured section lately!

  4. WOW! That is pretty! I love all the gorgeous color! Makes me want to go!!!


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