Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here on the Surface of the Sun

...we try to keep cool by going anywhere that involves swimming, air-conditioning or ice cream.

So the other day I took the rug rats to a delightful little ice cream shoppe. Their cones are cylindrical in shape due to the old-fashioned scoop they use. Delightful.

Dennis requested Rainbow Sherbet.

And I requested he hold still for another picture so I could capture the checkered floors. Although I wished I had dressed them a little more whimsical for the occasion, but I think that might be asking too much of myself. Maybe another day.

Miss B had Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Mr. C also asked for Rainbow Sherbet.

Q didn't get one of his own...

...but he screamed, squealed, lunged and grabbed until he got half of my scrumptious Coconut Pineapple cone.

Here I am wrestling/feeding him while trying to contain the other three munchkins and take pictures of the event with sticky-ice-cream fingers. No easy task, I tell you.

There was also a collection of old time candies to tempt the youngsters... particularly candy whistles which brought me right back to my childhood summers and oddly remind me of cut-offs and dirt roads, I don't know why...but they do, and vividly. Anyway, I could only convince Dennis to get one, the others chose a Snickers and something else ordinary.

Upon opening the little treasure and testing it out, the other two were a little mournful of their choices and had to try it out. Mother knows best, eh?!

It was a hit and I was the grandest mom for a moment....and then the shrill shriek of the candy whistle got the best of me on the ride home and I finally had to demand for a ceasing of the whistling. Which makes me wonder how my parents survived all those summer days with candy whistles...


  1. Awesome idea! I like Miss B's choice best :) She looks stunning all decked out for the occasion!

  2. Candy Whistles and Ramblin' Rootbeer! Oh, this speaks to my heart. :D

  3. Ah, being a mom and feeling like the kid at the same time. Yet another thing Miss B and I have in common I love cookie dough ice cream. Yum. Although yours sounded swell too.

  4. coconut pineapple's my favorite there - good choice Q! but the chocolate malted crunch is close behind... fun date!

  5. How fun! I remember those too! Way to go on the outing, what a great mom!

  6. We used to go to Longs Drugs and they had the same kind of icecream cones/scoops there and it was so yummy. Mint chocolate chip or bubblegum was my choice. Those whistle pops are fun too.

  7. Man, it has been SCORCHING hot here. I can't imagine the heat you must be sweating through there. What a joke! Your ice cream parlor experience looks exquisite. You know, if you worked for a magazine, you'd make millions, girl.

  8. I love the pic of Q and his little teeth. Great summer fun, and nostalgic sucker whistles.

  9. How fun I totally remember those whistle pops!


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