Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Ones That Got Away

I was looking through some folders and finding pictures from various shoots that never made it to the blog but probably should have. So I decided to combine them all and make a big post of 'em. For funsies.

I was going to comment on what I like about each of them, but I decided to let the photos do their own talking this time and keep my cyber-mouth shut.

But since you are already here, I might as well ramble a bit about blogs. I do love them. They can be addicting and one can get lost in blog-browsing quite easily and blow an entire day without blinking...moderation is key, right?!. But I just love the connection they can bring to family members and long lost friends, and how it gives me an outlet for creativity, writing, journaling etc.

The other day I was reading a touching story from an old acquaintance. It made me appreciate some of my own blessings and I don't think I would have had that chance without this good ol' blogness that has overtaken us of late. There are so many stories of inspiration, strength, fun, love, hope and beauty. I know there are probably others that are full of the opposite, but I stick to the good ones. It's like reading the newspaper when I read about all of you, but instead of being written by or about some random Joe, it's all stories about the people I know, care about and love. And that, my friends, is amazing to me.

Happy Blogging.
(And sorry for the slight onslaught of cheese.)


  1. Well it's your blog so you're definitely entiled to an onslaught of cheese. But I agree with you whole-heartedly. I know what a surprise.

  2. Great post.. Beautiful post. Have fun, Tammi

  3. I do love blogging just like you! Seriously, it is like having your own little yearbook to catch up on whenever you can.

    Your reunion blog was super fun. The candid shots and especially the pack 'n play was so perfect!

    Why is it that you always look so wonderful? Even with your ice cream sticky looked great. I guess you deserve to look fantastic since you are a photographer:)

    I need to reserve a spot to take family pics this fall....sign me up!

  4. Beautiful famiy, love the bro & sis shot, amazing brown eyes (I have recently found a liking to this color), endearing smile, brown eyes again, B&W are so artful, kids and flip flops are the best, bro & sis again, bursting yellow, tetris fun brick. There I did the commentary for you :)

  5. I appreciate the cheese, and love all the pictures. You have so many fun, beautiful subjects.


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