Thursday, July 16, 2009

Princess and the Pea

During my travels, I got to meet my newest niece and have a session with her. I also got to snuggle her newness and absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed myself. She is the newest member of a family of three boys and they are obviously thrilled with all the pink, bows, ruffles, tutus, headbands and bracelets. And because of her Princess status, I thought it would be fun to try out a Princess and the Pea idea!

As with most infants, it took awhile to get her good and asleep...but it was well worth the wait!


I tried out my frame again.

We tried a few with black accessories...

And a beautiful closeup...

And a few with the good ol' cradle...

Then my sister-in-law pulled out this vintage doll carriage and *gasp*.... a new babe in her mother's blessing dress in such a find out in some glorious's what I live for!

Plus, we only had to step out the front door for these outside ones-- such a bonus with a newborn!

A few with mom....

I went a little nuts with all these but I couldn't help myself!


  1. You're amazing! I love them. She is so sweet if I do say so myself. Thank you so much! Someday I will discover a talent and hopefully repay you.

  2. Those are wonderful!!! I am in love with the black and white and the big bed! You're so clever! What a sweetie!

  3. LOVE the Princess and the Pea idea!! And her accessories are adorable!! The purple tutu is my fav! She's soo cute! I wish I had those lips :O)

  4. I can't even pick a favorite, love the P&P idea. Brilliant. Love the tutu, the doll carriage, the cradle, the black, LOVE IT ALL. Brilliant magic, your family is so lucky to have you around, actually we all are. Tammi

  5. that carriage! that blessing dress!! so beautiful!


    I think J looks amazingly beautiful and I am so glad you went crazy with the pictures because I love to see the end result :)

    That weed patch just doesn't look the same in real life though! HA!

  7. Those are nothing short of breathtaking! I think that the vintage doll carriage & black accessory ones are my very favorites, but they are all truly beautiful. Ahhh... It's all so tranquil and sweet. Good job, Lou!

  8. Those are absolutely beautiful! The cradle! WOW! I love them!

  9. OOOOooo I love little baby lips and wrinkle. So beautiful every single one!

  10. Oh my! Those are incredible. What great ideas! I love the beds and also that carriage. Awsome!!


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